Speaker Bio

David Jarvis

Professor  David  Jarvis  is Head of Strategic & Emerging Technologies at the European  Space  Agency  (ESA), and he is responsible for €125 million of R&D activity and a team of 12 managers and research fellows. Professor Jarvis has 13   years’  experience  conceiving,  assembling  and  managing  large-scale, international  consortia  of academic and industrial scientists in the fields of  new  materials,  advanced manufacturing and energy research. This entails the co-development of strategic technologies, with universities and companies in  many  different  sectors  such  as  space, aeronautics, automotive, power generation, chemical, security and nuclear fusion. In this time, an extensive international network of top scientists from academia, industry, governmental and  intergovernmental  R&D  centres  has  been developed and mobilised. Prof Jarvis  holds  a  BEng  and PhD from Swansea University, UK. He has published about 25 scientific papers and made numerous patent applications in materials and  manufacturing. In 2012, Professor Jarvis was elected as a foreign member of  the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, and he is also now the Chairman of Metallurgy Europe

Title: Metallurgy Europe - forging ahead !


Metallurgy Europe is a one billion euro programme that has been recently selected by the member states of Europe as a long-term Eureka Cluster. Metallurgy Europe is laying the technical foundation for a whole new generation of alloys, compounds, intermetallics and composites, and it will transform the way we deploy metallic products in applications. A strong emphasis has been placed on material discovery and advanced manufacturing, driven by the needs of over 200 industry partners. This will help us aim for the future and tackle some of the societal challenges related to renewable energy, nuclear fusion, green mobility, aerospace, security, healthcare, raw materials and climate change reduction. This presentation will provide a short overview of Metallurgy Europe and explain how the programme will deliver huge value to the European economy over the coming decades


Prof. Dr. David J. Jarvis, Head of Strategic & Emerging Technologies (TEC-TS), European Space Agency - ESA/ESTEC, Keplerlaan 1,  2201 AZ  Noordwijk,  The Netherlands, Tel:  +31  71  565  4621,  Fax:  +31  71  565  3661, Email:  david.john.jarvis@esa.int