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Wolfgang Rossner

Wolfgang Rossner is research manager at Corporate Technology, Siemens AG, Munich. His main research interest is on high temperature ceramics and related composites and advanced ceramic processing technologies including additive manufacturing technologies. In 1997 he received the Siemens innovation award for the development of scintillating ceramics for application in medical x-ray computed tomography and in 2007 he was selected as Siemens Top Innovator in the field of luminescent and optical ceramics. Rossner has published, presented and co-authored about 100 articles and has been issued about 90 patents. He is a research consultant for Fraunhofer Society and Materials Research Center Freiburg, both in Germany, and is co-chairing a joined board of the German Ceramic Society and German Society for Materials for advanced ceramics.

Title: Innovative Impact by High Performance Ceramics


The main developments of the 21st century are generating substantial challenges which urgently demand progress and solutions. Resource availability, environmental protection, population growth, energy supply and demographic change necessitate innovative impact and faster innovation cycles. Materials are expected to make a substantial impact in facilitating more powerful technologies. High performance ceramics in particular will be required to improve the efficiency, functionality and lifetime of technical systems such as those used in electric power generation, mobility, healthcare and infrastructure. There are a number of promising new potential applications in advanced ceramics in a range of fields such as the replacement of materials approaching their theoretical performance limit, stress-tolerant hybrid composites, multilayer and electrical ceramics and coatings. Advanced processing techniques relating to ultrafast sintering and generative manufacturing, for example, are also being realized. Using industrial application cases and highlighting successful examples, the innovation potentials of advanced ceramics will be examined.


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