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Adam Zieliński

Adam Zielinski studied a Master in Science and International Relations at Warsaw University. At present is Deputy Director of the Foundation for Polish Science since July 2004. He is a reputed manager of non-lucrative organizations, he is in charge of the Human Capital Unit (SKILLS project and FNP Academy of Science Research Management). In the frame of the RRI Tools Project he is responsible for the Polish hub.
From March 2003 to July 2004 he was member of the department of Information and Promotion at the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.
From July 2000 to March 2003 he was Program Officer at the Stefan Batory Foundation.

Title: Responsible Research and Innovation, a new paradigm in Horizon 2020


Bridging the gap between Science and Society has been a challenge for decades. Today, there is evidence that we need to involve wider society in decisions about the form and direction of research and innovation to contribute to a smart, inclusive and sustainable growth of our societies. Thus Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) has become one of the key words on the European stage. RRI is a dynamic, iterative process by which all stakeholders involved in the research and innovation practice (researchers, industry, policy makers, educators and civil society) become mutually responsive to each other and share responsibility regarding the RRI outcomes and process requirements.
The presentation will outline the concept of RRI and introduce a project called RRI TOOLS which is developing tools to implement, disseminate and advocate RRI in Europe. It will analyse how the different stakeholders can work together to better govern science and innovation towards more socially desirable and sustainable ends.


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