Speaker Bio

Prof. Dr George Vekinis

Dr George Vekinis was born in Athens, Greece and studied and worked in South Africa, the UK and is currently a Research Director at the National Research Centre “Demokritos” in Greece working predominantly on advanced materials for Space applications. George has over 30 years’ experience in many fields of advanced materials and processes with funding from various agencies, most notably the European Commission and is author or co-author of nearly 150 papers and conference presentations, many of them invited, as well as 7 patents.
In addition to his research work, George is a very experienced consultant in Innovation Management, Technology Transfer, IPR protection etc. Over the past 15 years he has been advising the Industrial Technologies Division of the European Commission on the optimum transfer of EC-funded technologies to the market and has been a panel member of various advisory committees. He has recently (2014) published the book “Technology Transfer in Practice: from Invention to Innovation - A step-by-step guide for researchers and inventors” which is aimed at guiding researchers on the best practices for exploiting their results.
Since 2005, George co-founded and is the President of the AIT SA spin-off company based in Greece which designs and manufactures industrial microwave drying equipment for ceramics and minerals industries, on the basis of his own patented RTD results.
In April 2014 George was elected President of the Hellenic Society for Science and Technology of Condensed Matter (HSSTCM).

Title: The long road from Invention to Innovation: guidelines for researchers and their organisations


I think it is not an exaggeration to state that “The world builds what Europe thinks”. Without a doubt, a vast number of technological ideas that have become valuable innovations can be traced back to some European laboratory.
It is a well accepted fact that Europe lags behind many other parts of the world in converting smart inventions to valuable innovations. Many reports have been written on why this should be so, but the underlying reason seems to be that European researchers prefer the glory of discovery in the lab rather than the pleasure of entrepreneurship in the real world.
This talk will attempt to show that the capability of bridging these two worlds is not only a tremendously satisfying endevour in its own right but also that the Technology Transfer process can be learnt and practiced along a clearly delineated path. The route from the bright idea to the invention and finally to the valuable innovation has many twists and turns and may even lead to dead-ends and disappointments, but the end result is highly satisfying.


Prof. Dr. Georges Vekinis: Research Director Demokritos, National Center of Scientific Research, Agia Paraskevi Attikis, P.O.Box 60037, 153 10 ATHENS, GREECE, Tel. +30 210 650 3000, President of the Hellenic Society for Science and Technology of Condensed Matter (HSSTCM).
e-mail: g.vekinis@inn.demokritos.gr