Scientific Programme

Area A

Functional Materials

A-1 Emerging Topics
A-2 Carbon-based Materials

Area B

Structural Materials

B-1 Advanced Metals
B-2 Advanced Ceramics
B-3 Composites and Hybrid Materials

Area C


C-1 Severe Plastic Deformation and Nanostructuring
C-2 Joining and Interfaces
C-3 Coatings and Surface Modification
C-4 Phase Transformations, Microstructure Evolution in Polycrystals and Additive Manufacturing

Area D

Characterization and Modeling

D-1 Imaging and Spectroscopy
D-2 Mechanical Characterization
D-3 Materials Modelling on Different Length Scales

Area E

Energy and Environment

E-1 Materials for Energy
E-2 Natural Materials
E-3 Materials for Transportation
E-4 Materials for Extreme Environments

Area F

Biomaterials and Healthcare

F-1 New Frontiers in Biomaterials
F-2 Tissue Engineering; Regenerative Medicine; Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery
F-3 Materials and Devices for Emerging Healthcare Technologies

Area G

Education and Technology Transfer

G-1 Stimulus, Policy and Education
G-2 Promoting Transfer of Materials Technologies
G-3 Strategic Materials for Europe