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Posters Programme - Details

Symposium A1.2: Active Soft Materials
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1176 A1.2-P-TUE-P1 The Golden Fleece - an unconventional textile based adsorbent approach for environmental remediation and noble metal recovery
Thomas Mayer-Gall / Deutsches Textilforschungszentrum Nord-West gGmbH / Universität Duisburg-Essen
Jochen S. Gutmann, Klaus Opwis
1554 A1.2-P-TUE-P1 Design of the properties of open porosity foams
Jakub Skibinski / Warsaw University of Technology
2401 A1.2-P-TUE-P1 Smart Interface With Thermoactive Properties In Ultra Thin Epoxy-Amine Film
Pascal Carriere / Université de Toulon - Laboratoire MAPIEM
Mooslem Alaaeddine
Symposium A1.3: Functional Nanostructures and Self-Assembled Materials
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1271 A1.3-P-TUE-P1 Ag and SnO2 Nanoparticles Production From E-Wastes With Ultrasound And Microwave Irradiation
Pietro Cerchier / University of Padova
Katya Brunelli, Manuele Dabalà
1389 A1.3-P-TUE-P1 Copper complexed - Isonicotinic acid functionalised Aluminium Oxide Nanoparticles
Cathren Gowenlock / Swansea University
Andrew Barron, Charles Dunnill, James McGettrick
1715 A1.3-P-TUE-P1 Characteristics of nanocrystalline calcium carbonate microlens arrays induced by the amorphous/crystalline phase transformation
Ingo Schmidt / Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces
Peter Fratzl, Kyubock Lee, Wolfgang Wagermaier, Peter Werner, Emil Zolotoyabko
1727 A1.3-P-TUE-P1 Influence of post deposition annealing on MANOS memory properties
Konstantinos Giannakopoulos / Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, NCSR ‘Demokritos’
Panagiotis Dimitrakis, Vassilios Ioannou-Sougleridis, Kaupo Kukli, Markku Leskelä, Konstantina Mergia, Jaakko Niinistö, Nikolaos Nikolaou, Pascal Normand, Mikko Ritala, Dimitrios Skarlatos
1736 A1.3-P-TUE-P1 Characteristics of nanocrystalline calcium carbonate microlens arrays induced by the amorphous/crystalline phase transformation
Ingo Schmidt / Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces
Peter Fratzl, Kyubock Lee, Wolfgang Wagermaier, Peter Werner, Emil Zolotoyabko
1737 A1.3-P-TUE-P1 Synthesis and characterization of TiO2-Ag nanocomposites obtained by sol-gel processes, to cool-spray applications
José M. Gómez de Salazar / Complutense University of Madrid
2190 A1.3-P-TUE-P1 Microwave Synthesis of V2O5 Nanoparticles
Maria Kalyva / FORTH/IESL
Anastasios Anagnostakis, Spyros H. Anastasiadis
2551 A1.3-P-TUE-P1 The influence of TiO2 and ZrO2 on microstructure and crystallization behavior of CRT glass
Iwona Grelowska / AGH University of Science and Technology
Magda Kosmal, Paweł Pichniarczyk, Manuela Reben, Magdalena Ziąbka
2557 A1.3-P-TUE-P1 Polysiloxane-silazane matrices for incorporation of metallic palladium nanoparticles
Justyna Olejarka / AGH University of Science and Technology
Magdalena Hasik
2574 A1.3-P-TUE-P1 Effective Strain Accommodations and Improved Functional Properties of Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3 Based Vertically Aligned Nanocomposite Films
Oon Jew Lee / Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
Zhenxing Bi, Quanxi Jia, Ahmed Kursumovic, Judith L. MacManus-Driscoll, Chen-Fong Tsai, Mary Vickers, Haiyan Wang
Symposium B1.3: Metallic Glasses, Rapid Solidification, Nanocrystallization
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1195 B1.3-P-TUE-P1 Low Temperature Plastic Deformation of the Zr62.5Cu22.5Al10Fe5 Bulk Metallic Glass
Leonid Ivanchenko / B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering
Sergey Ketov, Dmitriy Louzguine-Luzgin, Alexey Podolskiy, Elena Tabachnikova
1197 B1.3-P-TUE-P1 The changes of structures, thermal characteristics and mechanical properties of bulk metallic glass as a function of cobalt composition
Yue Dong / Institute of Micro and Nanomaterials, Ulm University
Hans-Jörg Fecht, Ali-Can Kaya, Rainer Wunderlich
1460 B1.3-P-TUE-P1 Change of structure and mechanical properties of amorphous Al-based alloys at deformation and heat treatment
Aleksandr Aronin / Institute of Solid State Physics RAS
Galina Abrosimova, Danila Matveev, Elena Pershina
1618 B1.3-P-TUE-P1 Degradation of azo dyes by rapidly solidified metallic particles
Eloi Pineda / UPC-BarcelonaTech
1794 B1.3-P-TUE-P1 Development of TiTaNbMn amorphous alloys by Mechanical Milling
ERNESTO CHICARDI / Federico Santa María Technical University
Claudio Aguilar, Sheyla Katherine Lascano Farak
2043 B1.3-P-TUE-P1 Pressureless Fast Sintering of TiO2-WO3 thin film on Stainless Steel Substrate by Induction Heating
Dreidy Vasquez / Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
Alvaro Aracena, Carlos Carlesi, Oscar Jerez, Jaime Morales
2472 B1.3-P-TUE-P1 Active oxy-fluoride glass-ceramic optical fibers with polymer cladding
Elwira Czerska / Silesian University of Technology
Marta Świderska, Michał Żelechower
2478 B1.3-P-TUE-P1 Influence of partial crystallization on high temperature deformation of Cu36Zr48Ag8Al8 bulk metallic glass
Bartosz Michalski / Warsaw University of Technology
2510 B1.3-P-TUE-P1 Influence of the crystallinity in Au-based bulk metallic glasses on their mechanical properties
Sandrine Cardinal / Insa-Mateis
2542 B1.3-P-TUE-P1 Thermal effects on structural and magnetic properties of Fe78B13Si9 amorphous ribbon
Mohamed Larbi Soltani / Annaba University-Algeria
Tiburce A.M. Aboki, Mahieddine Lahoubi, Abdelmalek Mansri
Symposium B2.1: Advanced synthesis methods for ceramic powders
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1244 B2.1-P-TUE-P1 Adhesion SnO2 powder by application thin films on glass substrates: their use as to interface layer between glass and conventional refractory clay.
Bachir Chemani / Boumerdes University
2070 B2.1-P-TUE-P1 Polymer-derived SiAlON-based phosphors for high performance white light emitting diode
Ryo Iwasaki / Nagoya Institute of Technology
Yusuke Daiko, Sawao Honda, Yuji Iwamoto, Yuichiro Murata, Yohei Shimokawa
2559 B2.1-P-TUE-P1 Glass-ceramic glazes with different crystalline phases from SiO2-Al2O3-CaO-MgO-Na2O-K2O system
Magdalena Leśniak / AGH University of Science and Technology Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics
Janusz Partyka, Maciej Sitarz
Symposium B2.2: Advanced Processing Methods for Ceramics
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1466 B2.2-P-TUE-P1 Development of porous glasses by using space-holder technique
Isabella Lancellotti / University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Fabio Raimondi, Cristina Siligardi
Marcin Malek / Warsaw University of Technology
Krzysztof Jan Kurzydlowski, Jaroslaw Mizera, Pawel Wisniewski
1608 B2.2-P-TUE-P1 Investigations the properties of ceramic proppants obtained by mechanical granulation method
Pawel Wisniewski / Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
Krzysztof Jan Kurzydlowski, Marcin Malek, Jaroslaw Mizera, Joanna Szymanska
1681 B2.2-P-TUE-P1 Influence of the deflocculant type on the properties of slurries with ash used for the preparation of ceramic proppants
Dorota Zarzycka-Dziedzic / Warsaw University of Technology
1693 B2.2-P-TUE-P1 Selecting key parameters of the green pellets and lightweight ceramic proppants obtained by mechanical granulation method
Joanna Szymanska / Warsaw of University of Technology
Marcin Malek, Jaroslaw Mizera, Pawel Wisniewski
2449 B2.2-P-TUE-P1 Low cost 3D printing of thermally stable ceramic materials
Juan Ramón Marín-Rueda / Fuel Cell Department. Renewable Energy Research Institute. Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha
Jesús Canales-Vázquez, Vicente Yagüe-Alcaraz
2595 B2.2-P-TUE-P1 Selection of the conditions for sintering the powder Ti3AlC2 obtained by SHS method
Paulina Chachlowska / Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza
Symposium B3.1: Composite Materials and Structures
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1209 B3.1-P-TUE-P1 Microstructure characterization of Si3N4 / graphene and Al2O3/ graphene wear resistant compacts before and after tribological tests
Marta Janusz / Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science Polish Academy of Sciences
Lucyna Jaworska, Lukasz Major, Jerzy Morgiel
1361 B3.1-P-TUE-P1 Bending strength of glued heat-treated wood
Povilas Navickas / Kaunas University of Technology
Darius Albrektas
1922 B3.1-P-TUE-P1 Selected properties of metal-fibers laminates
Barbara Surowska / Lublin University of Technology
Jarosław Bieniaś, Krzysztof Majerski, Monika Ostapiuk
2103 B3.1-P-TUE-P1 Weathering ageing testing for girder prototype structure based on glass fiber reinforced polymers
Katarzyna Balke / Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
2270 B3.1-P-TUE-P1 Tropical Soils Reinforced with Vegetal Treated Fibers for use in Asphalt Pavements Structures
Gislene Santiago / Instituto Federal de Minas Gerais - IFMG
Symposium C2.1: Joining Technologies
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1757 C2.1-P-TUE-P1 Mechanism of hot cracking of Inconel 625 nickel alloy welded joints
Robert Kocurek / Silesian University of Technology
Janusz Adamiec
1801 C2.1-P-TUE-P1 The impact of laser welding technology on the structure and properties of Inconel 617 nickel superalloy joint
Katarzyna Łyczkowska / Silesian University of Technology
Janusz Adamiec, Agnieszka Tomaszewska
1818 C2.1-P-TUE-P1 Impact of the technology of laser welding of finned tubes made of austenitic steel on the structure of the tube - flat bar joint
Agnieszka Tomaszewska / Silesian University of Technology
Janusz Adamiec
1957 C2.1-P-TUE-P1 Structure and mechanical properties of the SnBi and SnAg type brazing alloys
Szymon Malara / Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals
Jacek Anyszkiewicz, Katarzyna Bilewska, Andrzej Cybulski, Tadeusz Gorewoda
2063 C2.1-P-TUE-P1 Simulation and experimental validation of laser welding under conduction mode of Ti6Al4V alloy
Juan Jesus Alba Galvin / UCA
Margarita R. Amaya-Vazquez, Javier Botana, Cristina Churiaque, Jose M. Sanchez-Amaya
2159 C2.1-P-TUE-P1 Friction Stir Welding of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened (ODS) steels
Kiriakos Moustoukas / University of Liverpool
Stephen Cater, Karl Dawson, Sebastien Dryepondt, Chris Stanhope, Gordon Tatlock
2201 C2.1-P-TUE-P1 Microstructure and properties of Ti6Al4V/Inconel 625 bimetal obtained by explosive joining
Krzysztof Topolski / Warsaw University of Technology
Halina Garbacz, Aleksander Gałka, Zygmunt Szulc
2221 C2.1-P-TUE-P1 Joining dissimilar metallic materials with Ti/Ni nanolayers
Manuel Vieira /
Sónia Simões
2273 C2.1-P-TUE-P1 Investigation of Ni-B alloys for joining of TiB2 ultra-high-temperature ceramic
Ivan Kaban / IFW Dresden
Grzegorz Bruzda, Jürgen Eckert, Rafal Nowak, Natalia Sobczak, Lixia Xi
Symposium C3.1: Light-Induced Micro-Nano Surface Modification
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1332 C3.1-P-TUE-P1 Radiofrequency assisted pulsed laser deposition of WBN and ReBN thin films
Justyna Chrzanowska / Institute of Fundamental Technological Research
Dariusz Garbiec, Jacek Hoffman, Tomasz Mościcki
1716 C3.1-P-TUE-P1 Fabrication of metallic coatings on glass-ceramic substrates by pulsed laser irradiation
Antonio Garcia Giron / ICMA-University of Zaragoza-CSIC
Jose Ignacio Peña, Daniel Sola
1717 C3.1-P-TUE-P1 Directionally solidified fabrication in planar geometry, microstructural and optical characterization of Al2O3-Er3Al5O12 eutectic composite for thermophotovoltaic devices
Daniel Sola / ICMA-University of Zaragoza-CSIC
Patricia Beatriz Oliete, Jose Ignacio Peña
2613 C3.1-P-TUE-P1 Induced Circular Dichroism on Plasmon-Resonance Bands of Gold and Silver Obtained by Laser Ablation of Metal Targets in Aqueous Solutions of Natural Materials
Ignat Rakov / Wave Research Center, Prokhorov General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
Symposium C3.2: Assembly-Mediated and Surface-Based Coatings
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
2335 C3.2-P-TUE-P1 Composite materials prepared by alkali solution treatment and its photocatalytic efficiency
Apostolos Zachopoulos / Foundation for Research and Technology|FORTH
Vassilios Binas, George Kiriakidis
Symposium C4.1: Phase Stability and Phase Transformations
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1243 C4.1-P-TUE-P1 XPS studies of LaNb1-xSbxO4 high temperature proton conductor
Sebastian Wachowski / Gdansk University of Technology
Maria Gazda, Aleksandra Mielewczyk-Gryń, Marcin Łapiński
1512 C4.1-P-TUE-P1 Periodic layers structure formation in the solid-state reactions in Mg/SiO2 system
Joanna Wojewoda-Budka / Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Polish Academy of Sciences
Lidia Litynska-Dobrzynska, Anna Wierzbicka-Miernik
1517 C4.1-P-TUE-P1 Interfacial reactions in explosively welded copper to titanium sheets
Wojciech Skuza / Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science of Polish Academy of Sciences
Katarzyna Berent, Piotr Bobrowski, Jerzy Morgiel, Henryk Paul
1689 C4.1-P-TUE-P1 In-situ investigation of the martensitic transformation in Ni-Mn-Ga alloys
Robert Chulist / Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science PAS
Piotr Bobrowski, Marek Faryna, Maciej Szczerba
1825 C4.1-P-TUE-P1 Prediction of the glass forming ranges in the Cu−Ni−Hf system from the phase transformations calculations
Olga Fabrichnaya / TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Pavel Agraval, Liya Dreval, Mikhail Turchanin
1858 C4.1-P-TUE-P1 Microstructural evolution in unidirectionally solidified Sn-10 wt%Sb peritectic solder alloy
José Marcelino da Silva Dias Filho / UNICAMP
Noé Cheung, Thiago Costa, Amauri Garcia
1870 C4.1-P-TUE-P1 Kinetics of growth of grain-boundary (aTi) layer in Ti-Co alloys
Alena Gornakova / ISSP RAS
1873 C4.1-P-TUE-P1 Substitution-driven phase transitions in (Bi,Tb)FeO3 ceramics
Vladimir Koval / Institute of Materials Research, SAS
Juraj Durisin, Martin Sopko
1974 C4.1-P-TUE-P1 Fabrication of NiO/ apatite-type lanthanum silicate beads for catalytic applications
Vasiliki Chalkia / Technological Educational institute of Sterea Ellada
Pavlos Pandis, Vassilis Stathopoulos
Symposium D1.3: In-Situ Studies
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
2198 D1.3-P-TUE-P1 The refurbished ID19 beamline: a versatile station for multi-scale and time-resolved synchrotron-based microtomography using hard X-rays
Alexander Rack / ESRF - The European Synchrotron
Jose Baruchel, Pascal Bernard, Elodie Boller, Vincent Fernandez, Lukas Helfen, Michel Renier, Anatoly Snigirev, Paul Tafforeau, Jean-Paul Valade
Symposium D2.1: In-situ Micro- and Nano-Mechanical Characterization and Size Effects, High Throughput and Rapid Mechanical Testing
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1175 D2.1-P-TUE-P1 An in-situ transmission electron microscopy study on room temperature ductility of TiAl alloys with fully lamellar microstructure
Seong-Woong Kim / Korea Institute of Materials Science
Seung-Eon Kim, Andrew Minor, Young-Sang Na, Jong-Taek Yeom
1305 D2.1-P-TUE-P1 Study of materials thermo-mechanical behavior under concentrated solar irradiation
Damien Andre, Thierry Chotard, Olivier Faugeroux, Emmanuel Guillot, Marc Huger
1345 D2.1-P-TUE-P1 The measurement of viscosity of ultrathin polymer films
Dariusz Jarząbek / Institute of Fundamental Technological Research
Wojciech Dera, Zygmunt Rymuza
1429 D2.1-P-TUE-P1 A New In Situ Load Stage to Combine X-ray Tomography with Nanomechanical Testing
Lars-Oliver Kautschor /
Hrishikesh Bale, Robert Bradley, Nikolaus Cordes, William Harris, Benjamin Hornberger, Leah Lavery, Xuekun Lu, Arno Merkle, Brian Patterson, Philip Withers
1434 D2.1-P-TUE-P1 Strain-microstructure-damage evolution related with epsilon-martensite in austenitic steel
Takahiro Kaneko / Kyushu University
Motomichi Koyama, Kaneaki Tsuzaki
1455 D2.1-P-TUE-P1 Effect of Deformation Temperature on Damage Evolution Behavior in Dual-Phase Steels
Nao Uehata / Kyushu university
Motomichi Koyama, Shusaku Takagi, Kaneaki Tsuzaki
1478 D2.1-P-TUE-P1 Influence of heat treatment process on stress distributions in ceramic shell using numerical methods
Tomasz Bolek / Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology
Rafał Cygan, Romuald Dobosz, Krzysztof J. Kurzydłowski, Ryszard Sitek, Joanna Zdunek
1522 D2.1-P-TUE-P1 Length-scale-dependent mechanical behaviour of Zr/Nb multilayers as a function of individual layer thickness
Emilio Frutos Torres / Department of Control Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague
Mauro Callisti, Miroslav Karlik, Tomas Polcar
1685 D2.1-P-TUE-P1 Modelling the multi-scale morphology and mechanical response of tissue engineering scaffolds through permeability analysis
Giovanni Offeddu / University of Cambridge
Ruth Cameron, Michelle Oyen
2194 D2.1-P-TUE-P1 Anisotropic nanoscratch resistance of WC, Si3N4 and ZrB2 crystals
Tamás Csanádi / Institute of Materials Research - Slovak Academy of Sciences
2206 D2.1-P-TUE-P1 High Temperature Mechanical Properties of Ni-base supperalloy and diffusion aluminide bond coating: An In-Situ SEM Nanoindentation Study
Ude Hangen / Hysitron Inc.
Syed Asif, Sanjit Bhowmick, Karolina Rzepiejewska-Malyska
2577 D2.1-P-TUE-P1 Slip Bands Evolution and Damage in Aged Duplex Stainless Steel
Joseph Marae Djouda / Université de Technologie de Troyes
Symposium D3.1: Atomistic Modelling
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1180 D3.1-P-TUE-P1 Relative stability of ternary aluminides formed in the ThT2Al20 system (where T = 3d transition metals)
David Fuks / Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Louisa Meshi, Asaf Uziel
1220 D3.1-P-TUE-P1 Electronic states at SnO/SnO2 heterointerfaces
Arwa Albar / king abdullah university of science and technology
Udo Schwingenschlögl, Hassan Tahini
1303 D3.1-P-TUE-P1 Calculations of the Actinide Dioxides by Density Functional Theory
James Pegg / University College London
1472 D3.1-P-TUE-P1 Molecular modeling of polymer nanocomposites at multiple length scales
Ioannis Mathioudakis / National Technical University of Athens
Doros Theodorou, Georgios Vogiatzis
1490 D3.1-P-TUE-P1 Spin-polarized density functional theory analysis of the vacancies in Si using the range-separated hybrid functionals
Kamil Czelej / Warsaw University of Technology
Piotr Śpiewak
1580 D3.1-P-TUE-P1 Modelling of cellular structures for application at various length scales
Tomasz Wejrzanowski / Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, Woloska 14, 02-507 Warsaw, Poland
Krzysztof Jan Kurzydłowski, Jakub Niescior, Jakub Szabelewski
1626 D3.1-P-TUE-P1 Analytic overlap method for calculating electronic coupling in pi-conjugated systems
Fruzsina Gajdos / University College London
Jochen Blumberger
1709 D3.1-P-TUE-P1 Complete Non-Bonding Force Field Derived From Monomer Electron Densities
Steven Vandenbrande / Center for Molecular Modeling, Ghent University, Belgium
Veronique Van Speybroeck, Louis Vanduyfhuys, Toon Verstraelen, Michel Waroquier
2107 D3.1-P-TUE-P1 GAP potentials with a localization approach
Johannes Bulin / Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing (SCAI)
Jan Hamaekers, Sonja Mathias, Maharavo Randrianarivony
2121 D3.1-P-TUE-P1 Kinetic Monte-Carlo Simulation of Memristive Tunnel Junctions
Sven Dirkmann / Ruhr-University Bochum
Mirko Hansen, Hermann Kohlstedt, Thomas Mussenbrock, Jan Trieschmann, Martin Ziegler
2242 D3.1-P-TUE-P1 Computational screening of phthalocyanine hetero-structures for molecular spintronic applications
Simon Liebing / Institute of Theoretical Physics, TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Tobias Birnbaum, Torsten Hahn, Jens Kortus
2243 D3.1-P-TUE-P1 Spin-resolved ab-initio surface energy investigations of transitions metal surfaces
Sebastian Schwalbe / Institute of Theoretical Physics, TU Freiberg
Jens Kortus
2281 D3.1-P-TUE-P1 Influence of Defects on magnetic moments enhancement in Fe/Pt ultrathin films systems
Mohamed Bouateli / Usthb, university
Abdelhafid kellou, Antoine Khater
2561 D3.1-P-TUE-P1 Gaussian approximation potentials: the case of α-iron
Daniele Dragoni / EPFL
Gábor Csányi, Nicola Marzari
Symposium D3.2: Modelling of Microstructure and Grain Structure
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
2626 D3.2-P-TUE-P1 Hydrodynamics modelling in the presence of a diffuse solid-liquid interface
Amol Subhedar / Ruhr-University Bochum
Ingo Steinbach, Fathollah Varnik
Symposium D3.3: Materials Thermodynamics and Kinetics
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1306 D3.3-P-TUE-P1 Thermodynamic properties of liquid Ga-Li alloys
Adam Dębski / Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Polish Academy of Sciences
Władysław Gąsior
1518 D3.3-P-TUE-P1 A Study Of Physıcal And Thermoelectrıc Propertıes Of Alumıx(431) Materıals Produced P/M Method
Ayse Nur Acar / Cukurova University/Adana-Turkey
Ahmet Ekicibil, Abdul Kadir Eksi
1581 D3.3-P-TUE-P1 Experimental study and numerical analysis of ferrite dissolution in Fe-Cr-Ni system using a model multilayered microstructure produced by Hot Isostatic Pressing
Mahmoud Saied / Aperam
1598 D3.3-P-TUE-P1 Comparison of heat data determined by electrochemical-calorimetric studies on 18650 lithium-ion cells and by equivalent circuit model-based simulation
Boxia Lei / Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
1658 D3.3-P-TUE-P1 Analysis of acoustic emission signals at austempering of bearing and tool steels using neural networks
Małgorzata Łazarska / Kazimierz Wielki University
Zbigniew Ranachowski, Przemysław Ranachowski, Andrzej Trafarski, Tadeusz Woźniak
1734 D3.3-P-TUE-P1 A thermodynamic description for the new η-phase Ni6AlNb
Markus Rath / Vienna University of Technology / Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH
Ernst Kozeschnik, Erwin Povoden-Karadeniz
1826 D3.3-P-TUE-P1 Thermodynamic Investigations and Modeling in the Anode-material System Co-Cu-O
Nicolas Alexander Mayer / Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Damian Marlon Cupid, Peter Franke, Hans Jürgen Seifert
1953 D3.3-P-TUE-P1 Thermodynamic investigation of copper and iron oxides used as electrodes in lithium ion batteries
Maren Lepple / Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Damian Cupid, Peter Franke, Hans Seifert
2128 D3.3-P-TUE-P1 Simulation of microstructure evolution during homogenization of electromagnetic cast ingots of 7050 aluminium alloys
Siamak Rafiezadeh / Vienna University of Technology
Ahmad Falahati, Ernst Kozeschnik
2210 D3.3-P-TUE-P1 Thermochemistry of selected compositions in the LiNiO2-LiCoO2-LiMnO2 system
Maryam Masoumi / Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Damian Cupid, Petronela Gotcu-Freis, Hans Jürgen Seifert
2244 D3.3-P-TUE-P1 Computational thermodynamics for lithium silicide batteries: Ab-initio and force field methods in application
Sebastian Schwalbe / Institute of Theoretical Physics, TU Freiberg
Jens Kortus
2303 D3.3-P-TUE-P1 Describing some binary liquid metal system excess Gibbs-energies with the combined expression
Peter Baumli / 1. Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research; 2. University of Miskolc
András Dezső, George Kaptay
2469 D3.3-P-TUE-P1 Calorimetry of Lithium Batteries and their Active Materials
Hans Juergen Seifert / Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute for Applied Materials (IAM-AWP)
2515 D3.3-P-TUE-P1 Magnetocaloric effect and martensitic transformation in a Heusler Mn50Ni37In10Co3 unidirectional crystal
Jian Ren / Shanghai University
2591 D3.3-P-TUE-P1 Heat Transfer Inverse Problems in 3D Geometry
Piotr Dziembaj / AGH University of Science and Technology
Robert Filipek, Krzysztof Szyszkiewicz-Warzecha
Symposium E1.1: Materials for Energy
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1170 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Thermal And Structural Analysis Of End Shield Tube Sheet During The Technique Of Rolled Joint Detachment Of Calandria Tube
Sandeep Sinha / Delhi Technological University
Rajeev Thakur
1235 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 CeO2 pellet fabrication as spent fuel matrix analogue
Sergio Fernandez / ciemat
Joaquin Cobos, Rodrigo Moreno, Maria Isabel Nieto
1252 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Magnetic domains modification of grain oriented silicon steel via the laser treatment technology
Ivan Petryshynets / Institute of Materials Research, Slovak Academy of Sciences
František Kováč, Viktor Puchý, Martin Šebek
1327 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Tailored engineering of magnetic phase transition and colossal magnetoresistive effect in silver doped Sm0.55Sr0.45-xAgxMnO3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.15) system
Masroor Ahmad Bhat / Superconductivity Research Lab,Department of Physics, Barkatullah University, Bhopal (M.P) - 462026 (INDIA)
N.K. Gaur, Devendra Kumar, Aga Shahee
1346 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 The role of pH in the vapor hydration at 175°C of the French SON68 glass
Abdesselam Abdelouas, Yassine El Mendili, Christelle Martin
1559 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Design of materials for Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell application
Karol Cwieka / Warsaw University of Technology
Krzysztof Kurzydlowski, Tomasz Wejrzanowski
1575 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Influence of the metallic nanoparticles on the organic solar cells properties
Marek Lipinski / Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science Polish Academy of Sciences
Filip Granek, Aneta Kedra, Marcin Palewicz, Robert Piotr Socha, Zbigniew Starowicz
1583 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Investigation of the nanocomposite structures based on the organic-inorganic halide perovskite materials and plasmonic metal nanoparticles
Marek Lipinski / Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science Polish Academy of Sciences
Aneta Kedra, Grazyna Kulesza-Matlak, Lukasz Major, Roman Major, Robert Piotr Socha, Zbigniew Starowicz
1647 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Preparation of Cu2SnS3 layers by sulfurization of electrodeposited Cu-Sn multilayer precursors: influence of the electrochemical conditions.
Marcel Placidi / Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC )
Moises Espindola-Rodríguez, Xavier Fontané, Victor Izquierdo-Roca, Florian Oliva, Alejandro Pérez-Rodriguez, Edgardo Saucedo, Diouldé Sylla
1653 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Cd-free and hybrid buffer layers for CZTSe solar cells
Simon López /
Moisés Espindola, Sergio Giraldo, Victor Izquierdo, Simón López, Markus Neuschitzer, Marcel Placidi, Yudania Sánchez, Edgardo Saucedo, Osvaldo Vigil, Haibing Xie
1688 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 In-situ SQUID magnetometry during electrochemical charging - A characterization tool for battery electrodes
Roland Würschum / Institute of Materials Physics, Graz University of Technology
Gregor Klinser, Stefan Koller, Harald Kren, Heinz Krenn, Stefan Topolovec
1739 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Microstructural Analysis of Cu2ZnSnSe4 Thin Films by Grazing Incidence X-Ray Diffraction
René Gunder / Helmholtz Centre Berlin for Materials and Energy
Moisés Espíndola Rodríguez, Simón López Mariño, Edgardo Saucedo, Susan Schorr
1879 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Cu2ZnSnSe4 solar cells fabricated onto flexible steel substrates: the effect of alkali doping
Simón López-Marino / IREC
Xavier Alcobé, E Bailo, Mireia Blanes, Monica Colina, Moises Espinola-Rodríguez, Victor Izquierdo-Roca, Markus Neuschitzer, Alejandro Pérez-Rodríguez, Francisco Ramos, Yudania Sánchez, Edgardo Saucedo, Haibing Xie
1926 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 High performance piezoelectric energy harvesters based on the triple-layered multimorph ceramics
Hye Jin Kim / Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
1940 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Effect of addition elements on Sm2Fe17 particle size with reduction-diffusion method
Shusuke Okada / National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
1969 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Effect of a rapid thermal annealing on the Mo back contact for CZTSe solar cells
Marcel Placidi / IREC
1973 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Apatite-type lanthanum silicates solid oxide half-cells development by means of spin coating and physical spraying
Pavlos Pandis / Technological Educational institute of Sterea Ellada
Tamara Kharlamova, Ioannis Kokkotos, Vladislav Sadykov, Vassilis Stahopoulos, Leonardos Stamaopoulos, Konstantinos Virtsionis
2026 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Synthesis and activity of gold/copper core-shell catalysts for direct formic acid fuel cells
Charles Oseghale / The University of Sheffield
Peter Hall
2062 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Electrodeposition of metal oxides onto carbon nanofoam as electrodes for high perfomance supercapacitors
Maria J. Carmezim / ESTSetúbal, Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal,
Rodrigo Della Noce, Raquel Duarte, Sónia Eugénio, Fátima Montemor, Teresa Moura Silva
2090 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Manufacturing an electronic motor stator built from thin amorphous metal strip
Attila Szabó / Breuckmann GmbH
András Bárdos, Mihai Stoica
2095 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 NiFe cells for the future
Jorge Omar Gil Posada / The University of Sheffield
Peter J. Hall
2119 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Er-GO/CoOx composites for application as charge storage electrodes: Influence of thermal treatment
M. J. Carmezim /
Raquel Duarte, Teresa Moura e Silva
2180 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Numerical simulation of magnetic-aligned compaction process by using discrete element method
Rikio Soda / AIST
Kimihiro Ozaki, Kenta Takagi
2181 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Hydrogen sorption studies of Li3N and graphene
Władysław Gąsior / Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Polish Academy of Sciences
Adam Dębski, Marek Polański
2260 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Improved high conductivity titanium sub-oxide coated electrodes obtained by Atmospheric Plasma Spray
Marco Robotti / CPT Thermal Spray Centre - University of Barcelona UoB
Sergi Dosta, Irene Garcia Cano, Josep Maria Guilemany, Brian Mellor, Richard Wills
2360 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 A novel method for separation the recrystallized silicon from hypereutectic Al-Si alloys
Jozsef T. Szabo / Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research / University of Miskolc
George Kaptay, Gergely Balint Toth
2466 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Magnetic properties of severe plastic deformed Mn-Al alloys
Dmitriy Bataev / Chelyabinsk State University
Dmitriy Karpenkov, Vladimir Khovaylo, Konstantin Skokov, Sergey Taskaev, Maxim Ulyanov
2508 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Synthesis of Block-shaped Copolymer Materials Based on Poly(p-phenylene)s for Proton Exchange Membrane
Young Taik Hong / KRICT
2522 E1.1-P-TUE-P1 Gettering of metallic impurities by porous silicon layers formed on multicrystalline silicon wafers
Abdelghani Boucheham / Centre de recherche en technologie des semi-conducteurs pour l'energetique
Djoudi Bouhafs, Nabil Khelifati
Symposium E2.1: Natural Materials
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1976 E2.1-P-TUE-P1 Formaldehyde content in and formaldehyde and VOC emission from particles and panels made from them
Dominika Janiszewska /
Iwona Frąckowiak, Adam Niesłochowski
2188 E2.1-P-TUE-P1 Alginate/caseinate microbeads for anionic dye removal from acidic solutions
Rana Kadri / Université de Lorraine
Ghazi Ben Messaoud, Stéphane Desobry, Laura Sanchez-Gonzalez
2321 E2.1-P-TUE-P1 Biodegradable starch-based foam for its use for food packing
Erwin Sepulveda / CIPA CHILE
2415 E2.1-P-TUE-P1 Energy absorption capability of crushed date palm leaf fiber reinforced epoxy composites rectangular tubes
Daniel Ochoa / Qatar University
Elsadig Mahdi Ahmed Saad
2423 E2.1-P-TUE-P1 Semi-green Polymer Blend Based on PET/PLA: Compatibility and Thermal Properties
Delara Mahabadi / IPPI
Hamed Azizi, Ismaeil Ghasemi, Mohammad Karabi
2453 E2.1-P-TUE-P1 Porous materials from glass bottles and rice husk as pore forming agent
Antonio Pedro Novaes de Oliveira / Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC)
2572 E2.1-P-TUE-P1 Voltammetric determination of heavy metals in fly ash extracts
Mariola Maczuga / AGH - University of Science and Technology
Łukasz Blum, Andrzej Bobrowski, Agnieszka Kałus, Agnieszka Królicka, Jerzy Zarębski
Symposium F1.1: The Next Generation of Implants with Multi-functional Properties ? Advances in the synthesis, process and surface modification of Biomaterials
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1177 F1.1-P-TUE-P1 Synthesis and characterization of hydroxyapatite nanofibers using microwave heating
Nestor Mendez / UNAM
Miguel Apatiga, Eric Rivera, Rodrigo Velazquez
1387 F1.1-P-TUE-P1 Biocompatibility of oxidized layers on NiTi shape memory alloy produced under glow discharge conditions
Justyna Witkowska / Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
Tomasz Borowski, Elżbieta Czarnowska, Janusz Kamiński, Agnieszka Sowińska, Tadeusz Wierzchoń
1491 F1.1-P-TUE-P1 The surface of titanium dioxide after anodic oxidation and heating at decontamination temperature
Jeremiasz Koper / Poznan University of Technology
Jaroslaw Jakubowicz
1679 F1.1-P-TUE-P1 Influence of biodegradable polymer coating on corrosion behaviour of ZM21 magnesium alloy
Agnieszka Witecka / Warsaw University of Technolgy
Wojciech Święszkowski, Akiko Yamamoto
1832 F1.1-P-TUE-P1 Osteoinductive nanohybrid Graphene Oxide platform with HapNP doped with Zn
C. Santos / Escola Superior Tecnologia Setúbal, Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal
M.J. Carmezim, M. Cebotarenco, M.H. Fernandes, M.F. Montemor
1833 F1.1-P-TUE-P1 Nanotopography of nitrided surface layers and biomimetic biofilm effects on platelets adhesion
Agnieszka Sowińska / The Children’s Memorial Health Institute
Joanna Bierła, Tomasz Borowski, Elżbieta Czarnowska, Tadeusz Wierzchoń
1863 F1.1-P-TUE-P1 Development of modified antimicrobial and biocompatible calcium-phosphate/hydroxyapatite layers on metallic implant materials
Csaba Balazsi / BAY ZOLTAN Ltd. for Applied Research
Mónika Furkó
1978 F1.1-P-TUE-P1 Hydroxyapatite-Quercetin composite nanocrystals for bone repair.
Katia Rubini / University of Bologna
Adriana Bigi, Elisa Boanini, Lucia Forte, Massimo Gazzano
2154 F1.1-P-TUE-P1 Influence of the cochlear implant electrode on the basilar membrane vibrations
Marcin Siwek / Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology
2234 F1.1-P-TUE-P1 Effect of boron addition on microstucture and mechanical properties of Ti-40Nb alloy
Esra Dokumaci / Dokuz Eylul University
Elif Elden
2380 F1.1-P-TUE-P1 Tribological study of AlTiN, AlCrN, AlTiON, and AlCrON PVD coatings on Co-Cr alloy
M. A. L. Hernandez-Rodriguez / Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo León
E. Garcia-Sanchez, A. Juarez-Hernandez, T. J. Tijerina-González
Symposium F3.2: Materials and Strategies for the In-vitro Simulation of Human In-vivo Conditions
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1666 F3.2-P-TUE-P1 Evaluation of porcine aorta damage using FTIR spectroscopy
Jacek Wojnowski / West Pomeranian University of Technology
Kiran Dellimore, Steve Franklin, Arjan Mank, Chris Noble
1987 F3.2-P-TUE-P1 The friction behaviour of natural and synthetic skin
Jolanta Baranowska / West Pomeranian University of Technology
Steven Franklin, Joanna Furgała
2120 F3.2-P-TUE-P1 Application of FTIR spectroscopy for the identification of blood vessel tissue damage by catheters - statistical interpretation of the results
Paweł Michalski / West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin
Konrad Kwiatkowski, Jacek Wojnowski
2562 F3.2-P-TUE-P1 The influence study of stress on ageing process of zirconia-based materials by 3-point bending
Chong Wei / INSA de Lyon
Symposium A1.1: Materials for Energy Harvesting
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1222 A1.1-P-WED-P2 Comparison of organic and aqueous inks in the preparation of Li-ion battery anodes based on carbon xerogels with different meso- or macropore sizes
Natalia Rey-Raap / Instituto Nacional del Carbon
1386 A1.1-P-WED-P2 XPS and AES study of hydrogen interaction on CeNi5 surface
Atika Roustila / Université Mentouri Constantine
Jacques CHene
1520 A1.1-P-WED-P2 Relaxor strontium-barium niobate: a lead-free anizotropic electrocaloric material
Jan Dec / University of Silesia
1528 A1.1-P-WED-P2 All solid state thin-film lithium ion micro battery for energy harvesting applications
Alejandro Morata / IREC
Marcus Fehse, Elba Hernández, Albert Tarancón, Marc Torrel
1565 A1.1-P-WED-P2 Optimization of SiNW density on thermoelectric micro-generators
Jose Domingo Santos / Catalonia Institute for Energy Research
Carlos Calaza, Diana Davila, Luis Fonseca, Gerard Gadea, Alex Morata, Marc Salleras, Albert Tarancon
1668 A1.1-P-WED-P2 Improved CO2 electroreduction selectivity on various non-metallic copper starting phases
Albertus Handoko / National University of Singapore
Chung Shou Chen, Zheng Guang Lee, Liyi Lin, Grayson Panetti, Boon Siang Yeo
2169 A1.1-P-WED-P2 A flexible nanogenerator based on piezoelectric polymer nanowires
Michael Smith / University of Cambridge
Sohini Kar-Narayan, Richard Whiter
2226 A1.1-P-WED-P2 Fast, Scalable Fabrication of Zinc Oxide Nanowires for Energy Harvesting Applications
Canlin Ou /
Francesca Boughey, Timothy Davies, Sohini Kar-Narayan
2237 A1.1-P-WED-P2 Hybrid Nanowires for Piezoelectric Nanogenerators
Francesca Boughey / University of Cambridge
Tim Davies, Sohini Kar-Narayan
2458 A1.1-P-WED-P2 Magnetocaloric properties of cold rolled Gd100-xCx (x = 0..10) intermetallic alloys
Sergey Taskaev / Chelyabinsk State University
Dmitriy Bataev, Dmitriy Karpenkov, Vlsdimir Khovaylo, Anatoliy Pellenen, Konstantin Skokov, Maxim Ulyanov
2459 A1.1-P-WED-P2 Influence of cold rolling on magnetocaloric properties of Gd100-xInx (x = 0..6) solid solutions
Maxim Ulyanov / Chelyabinsk State University
Dmitriy Bataev, Dmitriy Karpenkov, Vladimir Khovaylo, Anatoliy Pellenen, Konstantin Skokov, Sergey Taskaev
2528 A1.1-P-WED-P2 Composition of Sb-doped Mg2Si materials investigated by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Alessia Famengo / National Research Council of Italy
Symposium A2.1: Carbon nanotubes, graphene and general nanocomposites
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1179 A2.1-P-WED-P2 Studies on particle dispersion of biodegradable polycaprolactone/ montmorillonite nanocomposites
Onsy Dimitry / Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute
Nahla Mansour, Azima Saad
1191 A2.1-P-WED-P2 Mechanochemical Synthesis of TiC from Natural Rutile
Mohamed Bekhet Morsi / Central Metallurgical Research & Development Institute
Kamilia El-Barawy, Hamdy El-Didamony, Mohamed El-Sadek
1200 A2.1-P-WED-P2 Nafion/multi-wall carbon nanotubes composite modified glassy carbon electrode for sensitive determination of bilirubin
Hayati Filik / Istanbul University
1354 A2.1-P-WED-P2 Electrospinning of titanate nanotube / polyethylene oxide composite microfibres
Ruben Porras / University of Southampton
1690 A2.1-P-WED-P2 Adsorption and Electrochemical Behaviour of Cyt-c on CNTs/TiO2, Graphene/TiO2 and GO/TiO2 Nanocomposite Films
Emmanuel Topoglidis / University of Patras
1759 A2.1-P-WED-P2 Preparation of graphene/polypropylene homo and copolymers with significant changes in thermal stability, crystallinity behaviour, mechanical and electrical properties
Benavente Rosario / Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología de Polímeros, ICTP-CSIC
González Darío, Pérez Ernesto, Yazdani-Pedram Mehrdad, Quijada Raúl
1876 A2.1-P-WED-P2 Thermophysical properties of Cu-C composites
Marta Homa / Foundry Research Institute
Natalia Sobczak
1901 A2.1-P-WED-P2 The dendritic growth of polycrystalline graphene from a liquid phase
Anna Jedrzejczak / Lodz University of Technology
1903 A2.1-P-WED-P2 Frictional behaviour of polycrystalline graphene grown on liquid metallic matrix
Angelika Michalska / Lodz University of Technology
Radomir Atraszkiewicz, Konrad Dybowski, Dariusz Kazimierski, Lukasz Kolodziejczyk, Piotr Kula, Robert Pietrasik, Witold Szymanski
1947 A2.1-P-WED-P2 Effect of BaTiO3 size on dielectric property of polyimide nanocomposite film with high dielectric constant
Jong Chan Won / Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology
1948 A2.1-P-WED-P2 Preparation and dielectric properties of polyimide nanocomposite films using polypyrrole (PPy)–polyimide (PI) core-shell nanoparticles
No Kyun Park / Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology
1968 A2.1-P-WED-P2 High-solids antistatic epoxy coatings cured with cardanol-based hardener filled with non-functionalized carbon nanoparticles
Tadeusz Spychaj / Polymer Institute, West Pomeranian University of Technology
Krzysztof Kowalczyk, Szymon Kugler
1975 A2.1-P-WED-P2 Resistance ? Temperature Characteristics of CVD and High Strenght Metallurgical Graphene (HSMG)
Dariusz Kazimierski / Lodz University of Technology
Radomir Atraszkiewicz, Marian Cłapa, Konrad Dybowski, Anna Jędrzejczak, Leszek Klimek, Piotr Kula, Piotr Niedzielski, Robert Pietrasik, Witold Symański
1983 A2.1-P-WED-P2 Temperature-dependent thermal properties of single-walled carbon nanotube thin films
Anna Dużyńska / Warsaw University of Technology Faculty of Physics
1994 A2.1-P-WED-P2 Flexible PI/BaTiO3 dielectric nanocomposite fabricated by electrospinning
Yun Ho Kim / KRICT
Changsuk Bok, No Kyun Park, Dong Hak Seo, Jong Chan Won, Hyun Woo Yoon
2002 A2.1-P-WED-P2 High Strength Metallurgical Graphene (HSMGTM) growth on SiC nanoparticles as 3D structure for reversible hydrogen storage
Piotr Zawadzki / Lodz University of Technology
Radomir Atraszkiewicz, Anna Jędrzejczak, Łukasz Kaczmarek, Łukasz Kołodziejczyk, Piotr Kula, Piotr Niedzielski, Anna Sobczyk-Guzenda
2067 A2.1-P-WED-P2 Effect of layered double hydroxide on adsorption of water onto poly(acrylamide)-methylcellulose hydrogels
Marcela Piassi Bernardo / UFScar
Flávio Augusto Cavadas Andrade, Caue Ribeiro
2129 A2.1-P-WED-P2 Production of copper-MWCNT composites by powder injection moulding
T. J. Ferreira / University of Coimbra - CEMUC
M. T. Vieira
2313 A2.1-P-WED-P2 Microstructure evolution of copper matrix composite with carbon nanotubes during ball milling process
Justyna Stolarska / IMIM PAN w Krakowie
Jan Dutkiewicz, Wojciech Maziarz, Barbara Olszowska Sobieraj, Anna Wójcik
2331 A2.1-P-WED-P2 Infiltration kinetics of TiC-doped mesophase pitch in porous performs
José Miguel Molina Jordá / University of Alicante
Luis Simón Monllor
2361 A2.1-P-WED-P2 The mechanical, thermal properties and flammability of nanomodified polyamide 6
Magdalena Jurczyk-Kowalska / Warsaw University of Technology
Ewelina Kozikowska, Izabela Osica
2439 A2.1-P-WED-P2 Temperature-dependent properties of polypropylene filled with graphite nanoplatelets at high loadings
Dimitrios Papageorgiou / University of Manchester
Ian Kinloch, Robert Young
2451 A2.1-P-WED-P2 Role of an organoclay as compatibilizer for an immiscible biopolymer pair and properties of the extruded blend
Cristina Andrade / Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Willian Ferreira
2497 A2.1-P-WED-P2 Residual Strength of carbon fiber/epoxy laminates filled with carbon nanotubes
Sakineh Khajavi / Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic)
Mostafa Samadzadeh
2523 A2.1-P-WED-P2 The effect of flake diameter on the structure and reinforcement of HDPE-graphene composites
Konstantinos Chrissafis / Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
2598 A2.1-P-WED-P2 Synthesis and Characterization of Epoxy/CNT Nanocomposites
Abdullah Alhuthali / Taif University
Symposium B1.1: Lightweight (Al, Mg, Ti-based) Alloys
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1171 B1.1-P-WED-P2 Towards nanostructured AA6063 alloy in equal channel angular extrusion by engineering the initial microstructure
Seyed Farzin Razavi / Department of Materials Engineering, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Iran
Meysam Kiani
1194 B1.1-P-WED-P2 Effect of plasticity on precipitates growth kinetics during thermomechanical fatigue tests
Francois-Xavier Hoche / MINES-ParisTech, PSL – Research University, Centre des Matériaux, UMR CNRS 7633, BP 87, 91003 Évry, France
Alain Köster, Loeïz Nazé, Pierre Osmond, Luc Rémy
1337 B1.1-P-WED-P2 Deformation behavior of extruded magnesium alloy in a form of rectangular profiles studied by the acoustic emission technique
Klaudia Horváth / Charles University in Prague
Jan Bohlen, Patrik Dobron, Daria Drozdenko
1498 B1.1-P-WED-P2 Influence of the raw materials on the melt quality of the alloy AlMg5
Thomas Doppler / University of Leoben, Institute of Nonferrous Metallurgy
Helmut Antrekowitsch, Holm Böttcher, Werner Fragner
1586 B1.1-P-WED-P2 New grains nucleation during recrystallization in highly deformed zones of particle containing AA3004 aluminium alloy
Magdalena Miszczyk / Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science
Henryk Paul
1625 B1.1-P-WED-P2 Qualification tests of rapid solidified aluminium alloys for vacuum chambers applications
Floriane Leaux / CERN
1649 B1.1-P-WED-P2 Chemical composition influence on the electrical conductivity and hardness of AlSi5Mg, AlSi7Mg, AlSi9Mg casting alloys
Łukasz Poloczek / Silesian University of Technology
Bartłomiej Dybowski, Robert Jarosz, Andrzej Kiełbus
1652 B1.1-P-WED-P2 Complex microstructure of the AlSi7Mg alloy in the as-cast and heat treated conditions
Bartłomiej Dybowski / Silesian University of Technology
Iwona Bednarczyk, Andrzej Kiełbus, Łukasz Poloczek, Kinga Rodak
1723 B1.1-P-WED-P2 Modelling of Friction Stir Welding Processes through a New Finite Element Analysis Tool
Yingtao Tian / University of Manchester
Yingchun Chen, Jefri Draup, Philip Prangnell, Joseph Robson, Hao Wu
2051 B1.1-P-WED-P2 Properties of Sintered Alumix 431D aluminium alloys after different thermal cycles
Barbara Kozub / Cracow University of technology
Jan Kazior, Mateusz Laska, Aneta Szewczyk-Nykiel
2056 B1.1-P-WED-P2 Effect of plastic deformation and pH on the corrosion behaviour of Ti–10Mo–4Zr and Ti–6Al–4V alloys in the Ringer’s solution
Joanna Loch / AGH University of Science and Technology
Paulina Erasmus-Vignal, Halina Krawiec, Vincent Vignal, Alicja Łukaszczyk
2098 B1.1-P-WED-P2 Microstructural factors in the fatigue and creep behaviour of two-phase titanium alloy
Waldemar Ziaja / Dept. of Materials Science, Rzeszow University of Technology
Krzysztof Kubiak, Maciej Motyka, Jan Sieniawski
2124 B1.1-P-WED-P2 Influence of 2% Niobium on the Microstructures and Wear Resistance of Austenitic Manganese Steel
Hichem Maouche / Welding and NDT Research Centre CSC, URASM
2138 B1.1-P-WED-P2 Microstructure characterization of aluminium alloy 6013 during recrystallization process by means of in-situ annealing and orientation microscopy in TEM and SEM
Magdalena Bieda / Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science
Jakub Kawałko, Krzysztof Sztwiertnia
2333 B1.1-P-WED-P2 Structure analysis of the core/shell type strengthening phases in 2024 aluminium alloy after T6I6 aging process
Marek Klich / Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, Lodz University of Technology
Bogusława Adamczyk-Cieślak, Bartłomiej Januszewicz, Łukasz Kaczmarek, Daniel Kottfer, Karol Kyzioł, Jarosław Mizera, Hanna Radziszewska, Mariusz Stegliński
2441 B1.1-P-WED-P2 A6061/Al60Nb40 crystalline-amorphous composites processed by mechanical alloying and powder compaction
Sylwia Dabrowska / Warsaw University of Technology Faculty of Material Science and Engineering
Dariusz Oleszak
2446 B1.1-P-WED-P2 Inelastic properties of alloys, SiO2 and automated system of anisotropy visualization
Anatoliy Onanko / Kyiv national university
2452 B1.1-P-WED-P2 Aluminum-Bismuth-Tin ternary alloys: Thermal parameters and microstructure evolution
Thiago Costa / UNICAMP
José Marcelino Dias Filho, Emmanuelle Freitas, Amauri Garcia
2550 B1.1-P-WED-P2 Magnesium influence on the mechanical and electrical properties of AlSi11Mg casting aluminum alloys after different heat treatment conditions
Justyna Wiecheć / AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, Faculty of Non-ferrous Metals
2569 B1.1-P-WED-P2 Kinetic studies of silicon layer deposition on Ti-46Al-8Ta alloy.
Katarzyna Rubacha / AGH University of Science and Technology
Elżbieta Godlewska
Symposium B1.2: New Trends in Design and Development of Advanced Steels
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1254 B1.2-P-WED-P2 Effect of ausforming on the microstructural characteristics of a low temperature nanostructured bainitic steel
Behzad Avishan / Department of Materials Engineering, Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University, Tabriz, Iran.
Sahand Golchin, Maryam Kabir-Mohamadi, Sasan Yazdani
1258 B1.2-P-WED-P2 Microstructural characterization and comparison of low carbon steel wires
zeghda larouk / constantine university 1
houcine bouhalais, bachir gheribi, reda khantoul
Vlastimil Vodárek / VSB - Technical University of Ostrava
Jan Holešinský, Zdeněk Kuboň, Lucie Střílková
1706 B1.2-P-WED-P2 Experimental and Numerical study of Springback in Advanced High Strength Steels Dual Phase.
Yeison Parra / Uiversidad Nacional
1749 B1.2-P-WED-P2 Experimental and Numerical study of Springback in Advanced High Strength Steels Dual Phase.
Yeison Parra / Uiversidad Nacional
Jose Arroyo, Rodolfo Rodriguez
1859 B1.2-P-WED-P2 Characterization by Dilatometry and Differential Thermal Analysis of pressure Die Cast X38CrMoV5-1 Steel Parts and an Alternative Manufacturing Process
Pilar Valles González / National Institute for Aerospace Technology
Iñigo Amurrio, Sebastián Medina, Ana Pastor Muro
1860 B1.2-P-WED-P2 Resistance to wear and rolling contact fatigue of bearing steel with nanocrystalline structure
Julita Dworecka / Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
Elżbieta Jezierska, Witold Piekoszewski, Krzysztof Rożniatowski, Wiesław Świątnicki
1950 B1.2-P-WED-P2 Analysis Of Microstructure of A286 Superalloy
Pilar Valles / INTA
Maria Garcia, Sofia Garrido, Ana Pastor
2039 B1.2-P-WED-P2 The phase transformations in hypoeutectoid steels Mn-Mo-Cr-Ni
Edyta Rożniata / AGH University of Science and Technology
2097 B1.2-P-WED-P2 Selective laser melting of a Fe-based oxide dispersion strengthened alloy powder produced by a reactive gas atomisation process
Kiriakos Moustoukas /
Thomas Boegelein
2162 B1.2-P-WED-P2 Influence of the annealing time on the state of residual stress in welded joints on 7CrMoVTiB10-10 steel
Kazimierz Bolanowski / Politechnika Świętokrzyska
2199 B1.2-P-WED-P2 Effect of ionic surfactants solution on the cavitation erosion of P110 steel
Bartłomiej Karpiński / Gdańsk University of Technology
Marek Szkodo
2442 B1.2-P-WED-P2 High resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy (HR STEM) analysis of sub-surface structure of deuterium-loaded EUROFER steel
Elzbieta Fortuna-Zalesna / Warsaw University of Technology
2456 B1.2-P-WED-P2 The cavitation erosion impact on P110 steel coated by fusion bonded epoxy.
Łukasz Bolewski / Gdańsk University of Technology
2480 B1.2-P-WED-P2 Chips of the tool steel to PIM
Maria Teresa Vieira / University of Coimbra
Ana Rita Farinha, Bruno Trindade
Symposium B2.3: Advanced Ceramic Composites
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1630 B2.3-P-WED-P2 Nanostructured Modifiers Influence on the Characteristics of Zirconia and Alumina Ceramics
Vladimir Urbanovich / SSPA "Scientific-Practical Materials Research Centre of NAS of Belarus"
Nikolai Krutko, Lyudmila Ovseenko, Alexandr Shevchenok, Tatyana Ulyanova, Petr Vitiaz
1751 B2.3-P-WED-P2 Study of dielectric constant of SiC powder up to 1200ºC. Influence of the type SiC
Javier Narciso / Alicante University
Giuseppe Annino, Mario Caccia
2011 B2.3-P-WED-P2 Mechanisms study of combustion synthesis of titanium carbide based composites
Hafida Boutefnouchet / University of Annaba
Symposium B3.2: Metal-Matrix Composites
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1237 B3.2-P-WED-P2 Electrodeposition and corrosion resistance composite coatings Ni-graphene
Anna Gajewska-Midzialek / Institute of Precision Mechanics
Benigna Szeptycka
1442 B3.2-P-WED-P2 Functional composite materials with the participation of phases show superconductivity effect
Joanna Gołębiewska-Kurzawska / INSTITUTE OF NON-FERROUS METALS
Barbara Juszczyk, Szymon Malara, Łukasz J. Wierzbicki
1564 B3.2-P-WED-P2 Microstructure and mechanical properties of aluminium matrix composites with AlCuFe quasicrystal additions
Mikołaj Mitka / Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science - Polish Academy of Sciences
Jan Dutkiewicz, Anna Góral, Lidia Lityńska-Dobrzyńska
1853 B3.2-P-WED-P2 Syntesis of aluminum-fly ash composites with halloysite addition by GPDI method and their characterisation
Aleksandra Siewiorek / Foundry Research Institute
Andrzej Czulak, Maik Gude, Rafal Kozera, Piotr Malczyk, Natalia Sobczak
1878 B3.2-P-WED-P2 The influence of the Al2O3 powder morphology on the properties of Cu-Al2O3 composites and FGM's
Agata Strojny-Nędza / Institute of Electronic Materials Technology
Katarzyna Pietrzak , Witold Węglewski
1979 B3.2-P-WED-P2 Evaluation of tribological properties of copper matrix composites for slide bearings with different type of lubricating phase particles
Barbara Juszczyk / Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals
Beata Cwolek, Joanna Kulasa, Szymon Malara, Witold Malec, Łukasz Wierzbicki
1993 B3.2-P-WED-P2 Effect of carbon allotropic forms on microstructure and thermal properties of Cu-C composites produced by SPS
Katarzyna Pietrzak / Institute of Electronic Materials Technology
Marcin Chmielewski, Marta Homa, Natalia Sobczak, Agata Strojny-Nedza, Rafał Zybała
2000 B3.2-P-WED-P2 Design and fabrication of experimental AM50 magnesium matrix composite with titanium particles by stir casting method
Elżbieta Przełożyńska / Czestochowa University of Technology, Institute of Materials Engineering
Katarzyna Braszczyńska-Malik
2054 B3.2-P-WED-P2 Technological aspects of synthesis of Cu-matrix composites using Cu powder coated with 3DIMP graphene produced by TermoCarboFluid® process
Tomasz Babuł / ITM
2187 B3.2-P-WED-P2 Comparision of structural, mechanical and corrosion properties of multilayer graphene hybrid systems coupled with Ti6Al4V alloy surface
Marcin Grobelny / Motor Transport Institute
Jarosław Judek, Małgorzata Kalisz, Mariusz Sochacki, Mariusz Zdrojek
2262 B3.2-P-WED-P2 Al-MoSi2 particulate composites produced by flux aided casting: Assessment of microstructure, sliding wear, solid particle erosion and aqueous corrosion behaviour
Alexander E. Karantzalis / University of Ioannina
2264 B3.2-P-WED-P2 Fabrication of TiC reinforced composites by Vacuum Arc Melting: TiC mode of re-precipitation in different molten metals and alloys
Alexander E. Karantzalis / University of Ioannina
2302 B3.2-P-WED-P2 Preparation of nano- and microparticles with high mechanical properties
Peter Baumli / 1. Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research; 2. University of Miskolc
Ali Al-Azzawi, George Kaptay, Gabor Mucsi
2349 B3.2-P-WED-P2 Microstructure of AlN-rich composite zones produced in situ in aluminium
Marta Gajewska / AGH University of Science and Technology, Academic Centre for Materials and Nanotechnology
2581 B3.2-P-WED-P2 Colored Aluminium Metal-Matrix Composites: Technology and Properties
Ivan Danilov / Alu Menziken Extrusion AG
Hans Adams
2609 B3.2-P-WED-P2 Properties of Ni3Al - diamond composites sintered by Pulsed Plasma Sintering
Konrad Cymerman / Warsaw University of Technology
2610 B3.2-P-WED-P2 Durability of the cutting blades from WCCo/diamond composite in machining AlSi21CuNi silumin
Joanna Wachowicz / Warsaw University of Technology
2634 B3.2-P-WED-P2 Fabrication and structure characterization of alumina-aluminium interpenetrating-phase composites
Anna Janina Dolata / Silesian University of Technology
Maciej Dyzia
2636 B3.2-P-WED-P2 Evaluation of phase composition of FeAl based intermetallic composites reinforced with Al2O3 particles
Sylwia Ciołek / Military University of Technology
Stanisław Jóźwiak, Krzysztof Karczewski
Symposium C1.1: Severe Plastic Deformation and Nanostructuring
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1330 C1.1-P-WED-P2 The influence of pressure on the microstructure, mechanical properties and homogeneity of HPT processed 5483 aluminium alloy
Peter Bazarnik / Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Materials Science
1349 C1.1-P-WED-P2 Thermal stability of the ultrafine-grained Al-2.3Li aluminum alloy processed by severe plastic deformation
Jarosław Mizera / Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
Bogusława Adamczyk-Cieślak, Krzysztof Jan Kurzydłowski
1385 C1.1-P-WED-P2 Atomic scale characterization of deformation induced mixing in immiscible Cu-Co composite materials
Andrea Bachmaier / Chair of Materials Science and Methods, Saarland University
Hisham Aboulfadl, Christian Motz, Frank Mücklich, Marina Pfaff
1395 C1.1-P-WED-P2 Diversity of microstructures of the austenitic stainless steel produced by HE
Agnieszka Krawczynska / Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
Mariusz Kulczyk, Małgorzata Lewandowska
1399 C1.1-P-WED-P2 Low-temperature mechanical properties of the ultrafine-grained titanium obtained by a torsion extrusion
Elena Tabachnikova /
Igor Psaruk
1496 C1.1-P-WED-P2 Determination of Aging Regimes in Ultrafine-Grained Low-Alloyed Bronzes after Equal Channel Angular Pressing
Daria Shangina / A.A. Baikov Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science of RAS
Natalia Bochvar, Sergey Dobatkin
1544 C1.1-P-WED-P2 Microstructure evolution in aluminium 6060 during Incremental ECAP
Marta Lipinska / Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology
1609 C1.1-P-WED-P2 Microstructure evolution of an Austenitic Stainless Steel severely deformed by the repetitive corrugation and straightening by rolling and subsequent annealing
Peyman Asghari Rad / University of Tehran
Mahmoud Nili-Ahmadabadi, Hassan Shirazi
1671 C1.1-P-WED-P2 Microstructural Characteristics of Ultra-Fine Grained Al-3%Mg Alloy subjected to High Strain Rate Compression Test by Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar Technique
Giribaskar Sivaswamy / Advanced Forming Research Centre, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
Gouthama , Venkitanarayanan Parameswaran, Chidambaram S
1755 C1.1-P-WED-P2 High-cycle fatigue behaviour of ultrafine-grained 5483 and precipitation strengthened 7475 aluminum alloys at room and elevated temperature
Kamil Majchrowicz / Warsaw University of Technology
Maciej Giżyński, Maciej Karny, Mariusz Kulczyk, Zbigniew Pakieła
1814 C1.1-P-WED-P2 Effect of creep and aging on the precipitation kinetics of an Al-Cu-Alloy after ECAP
Markus Härtel / TU Chemnitz
Kevin Abstoß, Philipp Frint, Peter Mayr, Swetlana Wagner, Martin Wagner
1990 C1.1-P-WED-P2 Microstructure, phase transformations and mechanical properties of HPT nanostructured cobalt
Elena Tabachnikova / B. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics & Engineering
David Geist, Aleksey Podolskiy, Erhard Schafler, Michael Zehetbauer
2079 C1.1-P-WED-P2 The effect of heat treatment on phase composition and mechanical properties of rapidly solidified and plastically consolidated RS442 aluminium alloy
Maciej Motyka / Rzeszow University of Technology
Witold Chrominski, Kamil Gancarczyk, Jan Sieniawski, Tomasz Tokarski, Waldemar Ziaja
2137 C1.1-P-WED-P2 Influence of Heat Treatment and Severe Plastic Deformation on the Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Alloy AA2024
Christpher Schunk / Materials Science & Engineering I
Mathias Göken, Heinz Werner Höppel
2298 C1.1-P-WED-P2 Hydrostatic extrusion of titanium with Al coating obtained using the magnetron technique
Marek Betiuk / Institute of Precision Mechanics
Andrzej Czyzniewski, Mariusz Kulczyk, Anna Makuch, Wacek Pachala, Sylwia Przybysz, Jacek Skiba
2315 C1.1-P-WED-P2 Analysis of the impact of the three-stage saturation on the strengthening of Al-Sc alloy during SPD treatments
Paulina Byczkowska / Lodz University of Technology
Bogusława Adamczyk-Cieślak, Zbigniew Gawroński, Bartłomiej Januszewicz, Łukasz Kaczmarek, Dariusz Oleszak, Jacek Sawicki, Mariusz Stegliński, Jacek Świniarski
2345 C1.1-P-WED-P2 Mechanical Behavior of Severely Deformed Titanium at Elevated Temperatures
Seyedvahid Sajadifar / Ozyegin University
Guney Yapici
2428 C1.1-P-WED-P2 Simulation of Superplastic Forming of Ti6Al4V sheets for the prediction of thickness distribution and pressure time cycle
Marta Botana Galvin / UCA
Antonio Aragon, Javier Botana, Cristina Churiaque, Victor Gil, Jose Maria Sanchez Amaya
2506 C1.1-P-WED-P2 Modelling of the slip systems activation in the hydrostatic extrusion process by finite element method
Romuald Dobosz / Warsaw University of Technology
Witold Chrominski, Krzysztof Kurzydlowski, Malgorzata Lewandowska
Symposium C2.2: Interface Design and Modelling
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1279 C2.2-P-WED-P2 A Case Study on the Influence of Heat Treatment on Hydrogen Diffusion and Residual Stresses in Repair Welding of Clad Pipes
Dag Lindholm / Institute for Energy Technology
2001 C2.2-P-WED-P2 Application of the critical gradient concept to first phase formation in Cu/Sn nano-multilayered systems
Mykola Pasichnyy / Bohdan Khmelnytskyy National University at Cherkasy
Andriy Gusak, Jolanta Janczak-Rusch, Lars Jeurgens, Oleksii Liashenko
2544 C2.2-P-WED-P2 Inverse Problems for the Nernst-Planck and Poisson Model; Determination of Diffusion Coefficients in Cement Based Materials
Janusz Fausek / AGH
Symposium C2.3: Wetting and High-Temperature Capillarity
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1868 C2.3-P-WED-P2 Grain boundary wetting in the titanium-based alloys
Alena Gornakova / ISSP RAS
1869 C2.3-P-WED-P2 The effect of the third component on the microstructure and grain boundary wetting in Zr-Nb-X (Cr, Cu, Sn and Fe) alloys
Alena Gornakova / ISSP RAS
1880 C2.3-P-WED-P2 The grain boundary wetting phase transitions in the Cu-Co system
Olga Kogtenkova / Institute of Solid State Physics RAS
2061 C2.3-P-WED-P2 High temperature interaction of liquid Gd-Ti alloys with Y2O3 and ZrO2 substrates
Natalia Sobczak / Foundry Research Institute
2075 C2.3-P-WED-P2 Influence of the grain boundary character on the transition from incomplete to complete wetting in cu-in system
Alexander Straumal / ISSP RAS
2094 C2.3-P-WED-P2 Basic studies on reactive infiltration
Javier Narciso / Allicante University
Antonio Camarano, José Miguel Molina, Alberto Ortona, Danilo Sergi
2297 C2.3-P-WED-P2 Investigation of wettability in molten metal/solid metal systems
Peter Baumli / 1. Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research, Engineering Division (BAY-ENG) Miskolc; 2. University of Miskolc, Dept. of Nanotechnology
Máté Czagány, George Kaptay, Jozsef Pálkovács, László Somlyai-Sipos, Gergely Vaskó
2352 C2.3-P-WED-P2 Wetting of Cu pads by AlZn-Si alloys and growth of intermetallic phases at the interface
Katarzyna Berent / AGH University of Science and Technology, Academic Centre for Materials and Nanotechnology
Tomasz Gancarz, Michał Muszyński, Janusz Pstruś
2474 C2.3-P-WED-P2 Interfacial phenomena at interface of liquid solder SnZnCu alloys with Cu and Cu/graphene substrate
Janusz Pstrus / Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Polish Academy of Sciences
Katarzyna Berent, Tomasz Gancarz, Piotr Ozga
2632 C2.3-P-WED-P2 Wettability and reactivity of liquid HAYNES 282 alloy with MgO
Robert Purgert / Energy Industries of Ohio
2633 C2.3-P-WED-P2 High temperature behavior of liquid tin on graphene-coated copper foil
Marcin Grobelny / Motor Transport Institute
Symposium C3.3 Advanced Surface Coating and Plating Techniques
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1231 C3.3-P-WED-P2 Influence of the aluminium incorporation on the properties electrodeposited ZnO thin films
1236 C3.3-P-WED-P2 Electrophoretic Deposition And Characterisation Of SiO2 And Ni/SiO2 Coatings On 316l Stainless Steel
Tomasz Ratajski / AGH University of Science and Technology
Beata Dubiel
1326 C3.3-P-WED-P2 Nanocrystalline Nickel Dispersed with Hydrolyzed Nano-Size Tungsten Oxide Particles by Electrodeposition
Tomoki Mifune / Doshisha University
Hiroshi Fujiwara, Takuya Goto, Hiroyuki Miyamoto
1340 C3.3-P-WED-P2 Effect of surfactants on the electrodeposition of Zn-Mo and Zn-Sn layers from aqueous citrate electrolytes
Agnieszka Hara / Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science of Polish Academy of Sciences
Honorata Kazimierczak, Piotr Ozga
1421 C3.3-P-WED-P2 Multilayer and functionally-graded Gd2Zr2O7/YSZ thermal barrier coatings
José Orts / Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica (ITC), Asociación de Investigación de las Industrias Cerámicas (AICE). Universitat Jaume I (UJI)
Amparo Borrell, Eugeni Cañas, Pablo Carpio , Dolores Salvador, Enrique Sánchez, Mónica Vicent
1493 C3.3-P-WED-P2 The structure, mechanical and tribological properties of the HVOF sprayed WC-Co coating on Al-Si alloy substrate
Lukasz Boron / Foundry Research Institute
Marzanna Ksiazek, Adam Tchorz
1568 C3.3-P-WED-P2 Hf-modified aluminide layers on nickel based superalloy Inconel 740
Malgorzata Zagorska / Warsaw University of Technology
Krzysztof Jan Kurzydlowski , Jaroslaw Mizera, Ryszard Sitek
1594 C3.3-P-WED-P2 HRTEM Detailed Analysis of Oxides Structures of Y, Ta doped NiCrAl compounds for TBC
Ionel Mercionu / National Institute of Materials Physics
1600 C3.3-P-WED-P2 High quality intermetallic coatings produced by Combustion-Assisted Flame SpraYing (“CAFSY”) of base metal powders
George Vekinis / NCSR
Amalia Marinou, Galina Xanthopoulou
1624 C3.3-P-WED-P2 Several aspects concerning chemical stability and microstructural effects of thermal treatments on TBCS’s
Aurel-Mihai Vlaicu / National Institute of Matrials Physics
1699 C3.3-P-WED-P2 Properties of carbon coatings formed in glow-discharge conditions on modified 316L stainless steel
Tomasz Borowski / Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
1840 C3.3-P-WED-P2 Three kinetics of grain growth in thin Ag films
Vera Sursaeva / Institute of Solid State Physics
1841 C3.3-P-WED-P2 Some peculiarities of the grain growth in Ag films
Vera Sursaeva / Institute of Solid State Physics RAS
1933 C3.3-P-WED-P2 Silver Nanoparticle Surface Functionalized Alumina Filters for Disinfection of Potable Water
Wilson Acchar / Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte
Guillermo Cabala
1944 C3.3-P-WED-P2 The Influence of the Work Hardened Austenitic Stainless Steel on Crack Formation of the S-phase
Sungwook Mhin / Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
Yong Ki Cho, Sang-Gweon Kim, Jae-Hoon Lee, Kook-Hyun Yeo
1946 C3.3-P-WED-P2 The Influence of Carbide Formation during Pack-chromizing Coating
Kook-Hyun Yeo / Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
Yong Ki Cho, Sang-Gweon Kim, Jae-Hoon Lee, Sungwook Mhin
1962 C3.3-P-WED-P2 Low Temperature Screen Plasma Technology for Low Chromium-Molybdenum Mold Steel
Yong Ki Cho / Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
Sang-Gweon Kim, Jae-Hoon Lee, Sungwook Mhin, Kuk-Hyun Yeo
1964 C3.3-P-WED-P2 The Low Friction Phenomenon on High-carbon Sintered-Steel by Pack-chromizing Coating Process
Sang-Gweon Kim / Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
Yong Ki Cho, Jae-Hoon Lee, Sungwook Mhin, Kuk-Hyun Yeo
2020 C3.3-P-WED-P2 Grain boundary induced ferromagnetism in nanograined ZnO
Svetlana Protasova / ISSP RAS
Brigitte Baretzky, Eberhardt Goering, Andrey Mazilkin, Gisela Schütz, Boris Straumal, Peter Straumal, Thomas Tietze
2334 C3.3-P-WED-P2 Analysis of functionally graded coatings via nonlinear measures
Łukasz Szparaga / Koszalin University of Technology
Przemysław Bartosik, Adam Gilewicz, Jerzy Ratajski
2398 C3.3-P-WED-P2 Design and modeling of nitrided layer by using controlled gas nitriding processes
Piotr Wach / Institute of Precision Mechanics
Kryspin Burdyński, Jerzy Michalski, Jerzy Ratajski, Zbigniew Łataś
2448 C3.3-P-WED-P2 Cr2AlC-like MAX phase clusters growth in layer-by-layer approach
Vladimir Vishnyakov / University of Huddersfield
2521 C3.3-P-WED-P2 Influence of Si content on mechanical properties and thermal stability of Ti-B-Si-N coatings prepared by magnetron sputtering
Marek Pleva / Department of Experimental Physics, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia
Symposium C4.2: Additive Manufacturing
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1696 C4.2-P-WED-P2 Failure analysis of the FeAl intermetallic components manufactured by Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS)
Tomasz Durejko / Military University of Technology
Zbigniew Bojar, Zenon Komorek, Michał Ziętala, Magdalena Łazińska
1698 C4.2-P-WED-P2 The influence of travel speed on microstructure of Fe3Al fabricated by Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) method
Magdalena Łazińska / Military Univeristy of Technology / Department of Advanced Materials and Technologies
Tomasz Durejko , Michał Ziętala
1721 C4.2-P-WED-P2 On the Energy Density Model for Process Optimisation of Selective Laser Melting
Noriko Read / University of Birmingham
Moataz Attallah, R. Mark Ward, Jan White
1808 C4.2-P-WED-P2 Properties anisotropy in Selective Laser Melted (SLM) Titanium
Bartłomiej Wysocki / Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
Agnieszka Krawczyńska, Piotr Maj, Wojciech Święszkowski, Joanna Zdunek
2147 C4.2-P-WED-P2 Effect of the product thickness on the mechanical properties of titanium produced by means of selective laser melting
Barbara Romelczyk / Warsaw University of Technology, The Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering,
Tomasz Brynk, Edward Chlebus, Jaroslaw Kurzac, Tomasz Kurzynowski, Zbigniew Pakiela
2167 C4.2-P-WED-P2 Graft polymerization of maleic anhydride on new P3HB/PBS-DLA polymeric blend during melt extrusion process
Bogusława Gradzik / West Pomeranian University of Technology
Mirosława El Fray, Maria Pilar Fernández-Ronco , Rudolf Hufenus
Symposium D1.1: Imaging, Diffraction and Tomography
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1383 D1.1-P-WED-P2 QHRTEM investigation on growth evolution of the residual strain in epitaxial films
Corneliu Ghica / National Institute of Materials Physics
1397 D1.1-P-WED-P2 Atomic scale characterization of interfaces in ferroelectric epitaxial multilayers by STEM and EELS
Raluca Florentina Negrea / National Institute of Materials Physics
1422 D1.1-P-WED-P2 Residual stresses in the ceramic layers of casting mold determined by X-ray diffraction method
Joanna Zdunek / Warsaw University of Technology
Rafał Cygan, Krzysztof J. Kurzydłowski, Jarosław Mizera, Ryszard Sitek
1619 D1.1-P-WED-P2 A New Segmentation Strategy Compensating FIB/SEM Tomography Artefacts
Jan Giesebrecht / FEI
Gwenole Tallec
1797 D1.1-P-WED-P2 Microstructural investigations of Allvac 718Plus superalloy for aeronautics and power generation
Grzegorz Cempura / AGH University of Science and Technology
Aleksandra Czyrska-Filemonowicz, Adam Kruk, Sebastian Lech
1810 D1.1-P-WED-P2 Chemical and physical characterisation of some NHL binders and the correlation with the mechanical properties of conservation mortars
Cristiano Figueiredo / University of Bath
Richard Ball, Mike Lawrence
2126 D1.1-P-WED-P2 Texture evolution of pure aluminum subjected to hydrostatic extrusion process.
Dorota Jakubowska / Warsaw University of Technology, Materials Science and Engineering Faculty
Bogusława Adamczyk-Cieślak, Mariusz Kulczyk, Krzysztof Jan Kurzydłowski, Jarosław Mizera
2153 D1.1-P-WED-P2 Stochastic modeling of the microstructure of aluminum matrix composites
Oliver Wirjadi / Fraunhofer ITWM
Frank Balle, Tilmann Beck, Dietmar Eifler, Katharina Losch, Claudia Redenbach, Sebastian Schuff
2232 D1.1-P-WED-P2 Anisotropic compressibility of carbonated hydroxyapatite in tooth dentine measured under hydrostatic pressure by high energy X-ray diffraction
Paul Zaslansky / Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Claudia Fleck, Jean-Baptiste Forien, Christina Krywka, Emil Zolotoyabko
2271 D1.1-P-WED-P2 Effect of hot isostatic pressing on the porosity of aircraft engine turbine blades
Stanisław Roskosz / Silesian University of Technology
Rafał Cygan
2323 D1.1-P-WED-P2 Microstructural changes of turbine blades made of IN-713C nickel superalloy after hot isostatic pressing
Barbara Kościelniak / Silesian University of Technology
Bartosz Chmiela, Stanisław Roskosz
2355 D1.1-P-WED-P2 ANKAphase software for single-distance phase-retrieval from inline X-ray phase contrast radiographs
Alexander Rack / ESRF - The European Synchrotron
David Haas, Timm Weitkamp
2399 D1.1-P-WED-P2 Methods of revealing macro- and microstructure for selected Ni-based superalloys
Agnieszka Szczotok / Silesian University of Technology
Symposium D1.2: Spectroscopy
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1320 D1.2-P-WED-P2 Identifying sub-oxide phases at the metal-oxide interphase developed on pure zirconium using Raman spectroscopy technique.
Jean-Luc Grosseau-Poussard / University of La Rochelle
Jacek Jagielski, Iwona Jozwik, Lukasz Kurpaska
2586 D1.2-P-WED-P2 Spectroscopic investigations on various oxyanions substituted hydroxyapatites
Joanna Kolmas / Medical University of Warsaw
Symposium D2.2: Interface-Related Damage and Failure
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1430 D2.2-P-WED-P2 Ductile damage for Dual Phase Steel Using Continuum Damage Mechanics
Kimberly Ávila-Balaguera / Universidad Nacional de Colombia-Bogotá
Rodolfo Rodriguez-Baracaldo
1433 D2.2-P-WED-P2 Influence of thermal processing temperatures in fatigue crack propagation for a High Strength Steel S690QL
Kimberly Ávila-Balaguera / National University of Colombia- Bogotá
Edgar Espejo-Mora, Rodolfo Rodriguez-Baracaldo
1479 D2.2-P-WED-P2 Characterization and modeling of ductile damage accumulation in martensitic stainless steels
Alvise Miotti Bettanini / UCL, Université catholique de Louvain
Guillaume Badinier, Laurent Delannay, Pascal J. Jacques, Jean-Denis Mithieux, Thomas Pardoen
2058 D2.2-P-WED-P2 Long-term monitoring of sandwich composite structure by fiber-optic strain gauges
Dita Jiroutova / Czech Technical University in Prague, Klokner Institute
2450 D2.2-P-WED-P2 Evolution of microstructure during creep crack propagation in 9-12% Cr tempered martensite ferritic steel X20
Shirin Fahimi / Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Victoria A. Yardley
2525 D2.2-P-WED-P2 Damage detection in composite structures using active thermography - case studies
Tadeusz Uhl / University of Science and Technology AGH
Piotr Helstein, Lukasz Pieczonka, Jakub Roemer, Mariusz Szwedo
2611 D2.2-P-WED-P2 Effect of hydrogen on stress corrosion cracking in the high-strength magnesium alloys Mg-Y-RE-Zr
Maria Sozańska / Silesian University of Technology
Symposium D2.3: Characterization of the Mechanical Aspects of Hydrogen Embrittlement, Corrosion and Environmental Degradation
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1368 D2.3-P-WED-P2 Superior fatigue properties under a hydrogen gas environment associated with HCP-martensitic transformation in high Mn austenitic steel
Koki Fukuda / Kyushu University
Motomichi Koyama, Kaneaki Tsuzaki
1391 D2.3-P-WED-P2 Optimising the microstructure of Nickel based alloy UNS N07718 for oil and gas applications
Velissarios Demetriou / University of Manchester
1420 D2.3-P-WED-P2 Hydrogen Embrittlement of binary Fe-Mn austenitic alloys
Motomichi Koyama / Kyushu University
Shota Okazaki, Kaneaki Tsuzaki
1426 D2.3-P-WED-P2 Influence of strengthening mechanisms on the hydrogen embrittlement of steels at different charging and load conditions
Waldemar Krieger / Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH
1436 D2.3-P-WED-P2 Hydrogen-assisted damage evolution in Fe-32Ni-0.2C austenite/martensite dual-phase steel
Tatsuya Nagashima / Kyushu-university
Motomichi Koyama, Kaneaki Tsuzaki
1441 D2.3-P-WED-P2 Fatigue properties of low alloy steel JIS-SCM435 and carbon steel JIS-SM490B in high-pressure hydrogen gas
Yuhei Ogawa / Kyushu university
Hisao Matsunaga, Saburo Matsuoka, Junichiro Yamabe, Michio Yoshikawa
1458 D2.3-P-WED-P2 The Role of Non-metallic Inclusions in Hydrogen-induced Fracture of High-strength Carbon Steels
Olga Todoshchenko / Aalto University
Hannu Hänninen, Yuriy Yagodzinskyy
1462 D2.3-P-WED-P2 Experimental approach to clarify hydrogen effects on strain aging in carbon steel
Takuro Ogawa / Kyushu University
Motomichi Koyama, Hiroshi Noguchi
1465 D2.3-P-WED-P2 Effect of grain size on hydrogen-related crack propagation in a high-Mn TWIP steel
Yu Bai / Kyoto University
Yuji Momotani, Akinobu Shibata, Nobuhiro Tsuji
1476 D2.3-P-WED-P2 Hydrogen-related fracture behaviors at various strain rates in a low-carbon martensitic steel
Yuji Momotani / Kyoto University
Akinobu Shibata, Nobuhiro Tsuji
1549 D2.3-P-WED-P2 Effect of hydrogen on shear-mode fatigue crack growth in bearing steel under rolling contact loading
Hisao Matsunaga / Kyushu University
Hiroki Komata, Saburo Matsuoka, Junichiro Yamabe
1663 D2.3-P-WED-P2 Effect of Hydrogen on Deformation Behavior of 21Cr-6Ni-9Mn Austenitic Stainless Steels
Junko Matsuda / Kyushu University
Mark Homer, Douglas Medlin, Brian Somerday, Josh Sugar
1738 D2.3-P-WED-P2 Fretting Fatigue Properties in Hydrogen Containing Impurities
Ryosuke Komoda / Graduate School of Kyushu University
Jader Furtado, Masanobu Kubota
1884 D2.3-P-WED-P2 Hydrogen-induced texture changes in iron-based alloys
Vladyslav Shyvaniuk / G.V. Kurdyumov Institute for metal physics
Georgiy Mogilny, Mykola Okorokov, Jean-Marc Olive
1890 D2.3-P-WED-P2 Atomic level study of hydrogen-induced degradation on offshore steels using electron microscopy
Domas Birenis / University of Oslo
1929 D2.3-P-WED-P2 Hydrogen Embrittlement at the Interface of Clad Steel Pipe Produced by Hot-Roll Bonding
Lise Jemblie / The Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Odd Magne Akselsen, Antonio Alvaro, Helena Bjaaland, Bård Nyhus, Vigdis Olden
2150 D2.3-P-WED-P2 Effect of chemical composition of mud on the cavitation erosion of P110 steel
Mateusz Kmieć / Gdańsk University of Technology
Michał Antoszkiewicz, Marek Szkodo
2163 D2.3-P-WED-P2 The influence of diffusible hydrogen on the mechanical behavior of third generation steels with a bainite-martensite matrix exhibiting a TRIP effect
Olivier Hubert / UCL
2217 D2.3-P-WED-P2 Sensitivity analysis of cohesive zone model parameters to simulate hydrogen embrittlement effect
Giorgia Gobbi / Politecnico di Milano
Chiara Colombo, Laura Vergani
2379 D2.3-P-WED-P2 A Development of the Observation Method for Small Shear-Mode Fatigue Crack Growth in a Vacuum and Its Applications
Yuichi Ikeda / Fukuoka University
Takashi Matsuo, Kiyotaka Munaoka
2385 D2.3-P-WED-P2 Evaluation of Hydrogen Absorption Properties of Ferritic Ductile Cast Iron by Hydrogen Microprint Technique
Taishi Ogawa / Fukuoka University
Takashi Matsuo
2476 D2.3-P-WED-P2 Corrosion resistance of steel pipes for use as casing for wells in natural gas industry
Milena Bochenek / Warsaw University of Technology
Jacek Banas, Anna Dobkowska, Boguslaw Mazurkiewicz, Jaroslaw Mizera, Wojciech Solarski, Ewa Ura - Binczyk
2570 D2.3-P-WED-P2 Hydrogen storage behavior in Quenching and Partitioning treated low-carbon martensitic stainless steel
Junya Tobata / Kyushu university
Eiji Akiyama, Yuuji Kimura , Setsuo Takaki, Toshihiro Tsuchiyama
2592 D2.3-P-WED-P2 The role of grain boundaries in delayed cracking on metallic materials
Sathiskumar Jothi / Swansea University
Symposium E3.1: Materials for Transportation
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1334 E3.1-P-WED-P2 Correlation between preparing conditions, starting materials morphology and the interface structure of the Cu-Al2O3 composites
Agata Strojny-Nędza / Institute of Electronic Materials Technology
Andrzej Gładki, Dariusz M. Jarząbek, Katarzyna Pietrzak
1505 E3.1-P-WED-P2 Microstructure stability and element partitioning of 2nd and 4th generation SC superalloys for turbine blades during creep deformation at high temperature
Maciej Zietara / AGH University of Science and Technology
Aleksandra Czyrska-Filemonowicz, Adam Kruk
1765 E3.1-P-WED-P2 Analysis of formability of Inconel 625 alloy in terms of microstructure and mechanical properties at high temperature
Piotr Maj / Warsaw University of Technology
Bogusława Adamczyk-Cieslak, Jaroslaw Mizera
1823 E3.1-P-WED-P2 Processing and properties of pressure infiltrated alumina-aluminum graded composites with application to brake discs
Justyna Jakubowska / IPPT
2148 E3.1-P-WED-P2 Friction and wear of tin bronze-carbon composites made by stir casting
Joanna Kulasa / Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals
Beata Cwolek, Barbara Juszczyk, Szymon Malara, Witold Malec, Łukasz J. Wierzbicki
2304 E3.1-P-WED-P2 Polypropylene - zinc oxide nanocomposite filter media
Szymon Jakubiak / Warsaw University of Technology
Krzysztof Kurzydłowski, Jakub Michalski, Justyna Tomaszewska
2328 E3.1-P-WED-P2 Design of composites for thermal management: Aluminium reinforced with diamond-containing bimodal particle mixtures
José Miguel Molina Jordá / University of Alicante
2336 E3.1-P-WED-P2 Al4C3: is its presence desired for the stability of Al/diamond composites?
José Miguel Molina Jordá / University of Alicante
Enrique Louis, Ivonne Eliana Monje
2435 E3.1-P-WED-P2 Mechanical characterization and acoustic properties of the metallic foam with open cell of Tin-Lead binary alloy
Abd-Elmouneïm Belhadj / Université Docteur Yahia Fares de Médéa
Salam Abudura, Mohammed Azzaz, Amel Hind Hassein-Bey
2599 E3.1-P-WED-P2 Physical and Mechanical Properties of Natural Fiber Reinforced Vinyl-Ester Eco-nanocomposites
Abdullah Alhuthali / Taif University
Symposium E4.1: Materials for Extreme Environments
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1187 E4.1-P-WED-P2 Effective parameters on microstructure and properties of EB-PVD NiCrAlY coating
Hooman Rahmani / Iran University of Science and Technology
1318 E4.1-P-WED-P2 Influence of V Concentration on the Mechanical Properties of the CoCrFeNiMnVx High-Entropy Alloy in Temperature Range 300-4.2 K
Elena Tabachnikova / B. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 47 Lenin Ave., Kharkov, 61103, Ukraine
Natalia Bereznaia, Marina Laktionova, Aleksey Podolskiy, Mikhail Tikhonovsky, A Tortika
1331 E4.1-P-WED-P2 Influence of the notch root radius on the fracture toughness of brittle metals: nanostructure tungsten alloy, a case study
Teresa Palacios / Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Jose Ygnacio Pastor
1603 E4.1-P-WED-P2 Refractories based on chromite and ferrous wastes produced by SHS
George Vekinis / NCSR
Konstantinos Bangos, Galina Xanthopoulou
1806 E4.1-P-WED-P2 High heatflux laser testing of HfB2 cylinders
Luc Vandeperre / Imperial College London
1807 E4.1-P-WED-P2 The Role of Aggregates in the Thermal Stability of Mg-PSZ Refractories for Vacuum Induction Melting.
Luc Vandeperre / Imperial College London
2424 E4.1-P-WED-P2 Preparation and characterization of carbon fiber reinforced ZrB2/SiC composite by precursor infiltration and pyrolysis process
Niranjan Patra / Imperial College London
Daniel Doni Jayaseelan, William Edward Lee
Symposium F2.1: Materials in Regenerative Medicine, Nanomedicine and for Drug Delivery
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1407 F2.1-P-WED-P2 Eggshell membrane as a biomaterial for tissue engineering applications - nanoscale approach
Adrian Chlanda / Warsaw University of Technology
1510 F2.1-P-WED-P2 Hypericin-loaded iron oxide nanoparticles for bi-selective drug delivery
Harald Unterweger / Universitätsklinikum Erlangen
Christoph Alexiou, Aldo R. Boccaccini, Christina Janko, Wolfgang Peukert, Daniel Subatzus, Rainer Tietze
Oylum Colpankan / Dokuz Eylul University
1680 F2.1-P-WED-P2 Microstructural and biological characterization of polymer scaffolds for tissue engineering
Joanna Karbowniczek / AGH University of Science and Technology
1740 F2.1-P-WED-P2 Fabrication and characterization of short polymer nanofibers for biomedical applications
Ewelina Kozikowska / Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology
Wojciech Święszkowski, Katarzyna Zalewska-Wierzbicka
1744 F2.1-P-WED-P2 Co-axial electrospun nanofibers for bone tissue engineering
Katarzyna Zalewska-Wierzbicka / Warsaw Univeristy of Technology
1745 F2.1-P-WED-P2 In vitro degradation of PLA/bioglass nonwovens
Anna Matras / Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology
Marc Batista, Oscar Castaño, Elisabeth Engel, Małgorzata Lewandowska, Agata Roguska
1748 F2.1-P-WED-P2 Effect of diameter of fiber fabricated from blend of polycaprolactone/poly(lactide-co-glycolide) on their selected physicochemical properties during in vitro degradation
Zaneta Kublik / Warsaw University of Technology
Adrian Chlanda, Joanna Idaszek, Wojciech Swieszkowski
1778 F2.1-P-WED-P2 Crosslinking stages of 3D printed alginate for cartilage tissue engineering
Alicja Kosik / The Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
1798 F2.1-P-WED-P2 Effect of Anti-Aging Peptides of Fibroblasts
Ida Dulinska-Molak / Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology
Irena Eris, Monika Pasikowska, Wojciech Swieszkowski
1856 F2.1-P-WED-P2 3D scaffolds system for cell growth and proliferation
Chiara Rinoldi / Warsaw University of Technology
1862 F2.1-P-WED-P2 Novel biogenic hydroxyapatite based ceramic nanocomposites as implant materials
Csaba Balazsi / BAY ZOLTAN Ltd. for Applied Research
Katalin Balazsi, Orsolya Tapasztó
1936 F2.1-P-WED-P2 UV crosslinked naturally derived polymers for tissue engineering
Nehar Celikkin / Warsaw University of Technlogy
Wojciech Swieszkowski
2086 F2.1-P-WED-P2 Effect of glucose on glutathione-responsiveness of polysaccharide nanoparticles
Angel Concheiro / University of Santiago de Compostela
Carmen Alvarez-Lorenzo, Barbara Blanco-Fernandez, Manuela Curcio, Francesco Puoci
2465 F2.1-P-WED-P2 Degradable hybrid composites based of poly(ε-caprolactone) PCL and polysacharide fibres containing nanoadditives
Zbigniew Draczyński / Department of Material and Commodity Sciences and Textile Metrology
Maciej Boguń, Marta Błażewicz, Paulina Król, Izabella Krucińska, Elżbieta Menaszek, Ewa Stodolak-Zych, Grzegorz Szparaga
2518 F2.1-P-WED-P2 Characterization of nanoporous titania layers formed on Ti6Al4V substrate by anodization for odontological application
Abdelghani Boucheham / Centre de recherche en technologie des semi-conducteurs pour l'energetique
Ahcene Karaali
2575 F2.1-P-WED-P2 The structure of silico-phosphate glasses from KCaPO4-SiO2 system and their direct crystallization process
Aleksandra Wajda / AGH University of Science and Technology
Katarzyna Bułat, Maciej Sitarz
Symposium F3.1: Materials Interactions with Human Tissue and Implications in Medical Device Design
Abstract Id Symposium Abstract Title
1425 F3.1-P-WED-P2 Evaluation of sintering time of NiTi from elemental powders
Marcus Silvestre / Universidade Estadual Paulista
Felipe Barros, Peterson Ferrandini
1469 F3.1-P-WED-P2 In situ Damage Evaluation of Porcine Aorta Tissue using Standard Confocal Microscopy
Zing Siang Lee / University of Sheffield
1635 F3.1-P-WED-P2 Development of -Ti textured coatings on Ti6Al4V deposited by sputtering
Emilio Frutos Torres / Department of Control Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague
Tomas Polcar
1729 F3.1-P-WED-P2 Pressure sensitive silicone composite for minimally invasive applications
Zygmunt Staniszewski / West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin
1760 F3.1-P-WED-P2 In-vitro degradation kinetics of novel biodegradable PLA/Magnesium composites
Benavente Rosario / Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología de Polímeros, ICTP-CSIC
González-Carrasco José Luis, Saldaña Laura, Lieblich Marcela, Cifuentes Sandra C., Lorenzo Vicente
1916 F3.1-P-WED-P2 Microstructural-level studies on constitutive modelling of bone tissue
Anna Makuch / Institute of Precision Mechanics & Departament of Construction Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology
Marek Pawlikowski, Konstanty Skalski
2017 F3.1-P-WED-P2 Polytetrafluoroethylene thin films for medical application deposited by Pulsed Electron Beam Deposition method
Jolanta Baranowska / West Pomeranian University of Technology, Institute of Materials Science and Engineering
Roman Jędrzejewski, Konrad Kwiatkowski, Joanna Piwowarczyk
2191 F3.1-P-WED-P2 Methodology for determination of low friction coefficients – the effect of geometry in tribological systems
Konrad Kwiatkowski / West Pomeranian University of Technology
Steven Franklin, Magdalena Kwiatkowska